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Zi rich " match pattern continuously " pilot break up for medicine in rural gap
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Shandong saves bold innovation of Zi rich city, developed rural drug in September 2003 " two nets " construction is pilot. Current, this city is preliminary already built rural medicines and chemical reagents to supervise network and " match pattern continuously " rural medicines and chemical reagents supplies a network, promoted medicine to break up, reduced a farmer to purchase medical cost, enlarged welfare of farmer medical treatment. Expert analysis thinks, "Zi rich experience " make medicine broke up to open breach in a rural area. --Medicine does not break upThe farmer sees a doctor expensive, risk is big opposite city hospital, medicine of a rural area cannot divide the home for a long time, hospitals of a lot of since of rural medical establishment, it is drug-store; And medicines and chemical reagents supplies a network underdeveloped it is difficult to make buy drug the phenomenon is more outstanding. According to medicines and chemical reagents of Shandong province food market of supervisory management board supervises Liu Bengong of department section chief to introduce, shandong saves rural population to count the 70% above that occupy total population, but, do not build in the country to the drugstore of 30% only, and drugstore distributings extremely unreasonable. Long-term since, 140 counties of Shandong (city, area) in, only the county of 60% realized medicines and chemical reagents to deserve to send, chain arrives into the county countryside, a lot of villages do not have drugstore, only small commodities ministry sells a few headache patulin, buy other drug to want other place, journey is very far. Survey shows, medicine of a rural area cannot divide the home for a long time, caused two consequence: It is medical price theory tall. "Medicine does not break up, medical price theory was become high inevitable, it is degree discretion only just. " Wang Mouchang of director of supervisory management board of medicines and chemical reagents of Zi rich city says, rural population base level of big, income is inferior, safe without medical treatment at public expenses or medical treatment, the farmer often appears to return the deficient, case that sends deficient due to illness due to illness, medical price theory is tall it is main " damage " one of. And medical price theory is tall advocate because be medicine of rural medical establishment,did not break up. "Medicine does not break up, various medicine delegate and hospital had ' layer upon layer carry stay ' , the space that increases medical price to gain profit. Be in Zi rich city some army hospital, cost price of some kind of drug is 2.3 yuan only, but 27.5 yuan can sell in the hospital. In rustic medical establishment, the balance of drug sale price and drugstore also can be achieved commonly 30% , see a doctor bought medicine to had become a lot of farmers one great burden. " he says. 2 it is the risk that low, common people sees a doctor increases medical treatment level. Zi rich city faces Zi area to press down Liu Bo of doctor of Han Jiacun wholesome place together to say: "Now, a lot of village clinics, wholesome place relies on the cure, money that relies on a technology to earn to already did not seize the body of income, and basically rely on to manage medicines and chemical reagents to gain profit; Additional, a lot of country doctors discern the capacity of true bogus medicines and chemical reagents is smaller, make easily also false medicine, bad medicine, expire medicine runs rampant in a rural area, affect the result of go to a doctor of the farmer. " he thinks, level of major of doctor of rural wholesome place is compared generally low, great majority graduates from school of medium and professional technology, if catch a cold,can treat a few common diseases only, have a fever etc. Medical syncretic makes medical character measures low, doctor to treat horizontal small band to be together, more brought about vicious circle.
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