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Remedial prostatitis: Understanding crucial reason is crucial
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Prostatitis is divided cause celiac dropping to bilge, meaning of white, make water drips to reach impotent symptom very much after frequent micturition, make water beyond, the part is chronic prostatitis patient because the pathology change such as prostate sclerosis, cystic neck sclerosis, often make uric road suffocate suffocate affects kidney function, develop even for uremia. The exudation that accompanies prostatitis functional obstacle produces adverse effect to spermatozoon, can cause fertility bring down and cause a man not Yo. The disease harm to organizing an organ Prostate gland is in charge of Yu to block prostate up to be put when chronic inflammation, the purulent fluid that pathogen affects and prostate lipoprotein union become purulent bolt, purulent bolt jams gland body is tracheal, the influence secretes a function normally, purulent fluid and necrotic organization cannot discharge body of one's previous experience outside, even if is used again much " specially good effect " medicaments, gland canal is illogical make treat of no help, symptom as before. Prostate coating cuts off prostate has distinctive dissection the position and physiology structure, the characteristic is outside wrap up has qualitative film of a fat, can alternative prevent the antibacterial in coming from blood, chroma of the medicaments in causing prostate far under the chroma in blood, cannot reach remedial consistency, be just as " attempt an ineffective solution " . Contrary, microbial easy instead retrograde motion enters cause of disease to be mixed into gland body conceal among them, prostate coating also is one of main reasons that chronic prostatitis defer does not heal. Sclerosis of prostate fiber sex has used much more impertinent treatment to chronic prostatitis, not only profitless to the illness, accentuated instead pathology is damaged, cause prostate gradually sclerotic, form the prostate of fiber sex sclerosis, groovy cure already hard be successful. Illness of prostatitis of stubborn sex complication is complex, the patient's condition of everybody is endless and same, chronic prostatitis can cause seminal vesicle the complication such as phlogistic, orchitis and cystitis. If just use onefold therapeutics to treat, easy bequeath bacterium, virus, after these bacteria, virus is treating an end again resurgence. Therapeutics of characteristic of the shortwave outside body Therapeutics of characteristic of the shortwave outside body treats chronic prostatitis, break free from conventions remedial confine, have germiculture experiment and remedy before cure sensitive experiment, again according to patient patient's condition, symptom, different pathogen, and whether does the bacteria exist be able to bear or endure the important and clinical data such as property of a medicine, make individuation treat plan, the shortwave outside using system integratedly and much access Chinese traditional medicine are ionic guide wait for a method to have treatment, just be the key that puts an end to chronic prostatitis recrudesce. The shortwave outside body treats prostatitis to obtain major breakthrough in clinical practice: Ultrashort source, expedite gland is in charge of, target to efficient and fixed position, antiseptic, the shortwave outside body, radiate heats up cure. Can return to normal secrete a function; Of stimulative inflammation abreaction and absorb, complementary heat up cure with microwave, make bacterium and toxin seasonable outside eduction body, have activation organization to reach wait for a characteristic without side-effect. The difficult problem of the fiber sex sclerosis that defies chronic prostatitis patient exists generally at the same time, promote absorb and decompose sclerosis, can achieve the contractible gland body, goal that eliminates a symptom well.
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