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The supermarket shops, do not come home hidden trouble belt
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The supermarket shops on, some people raise price, some people buy fixed brand or buy the goods that advertises greatly, but very few however someone can see commodity part, know the effect of all sorts of composition deep. In fact, when consumer is buying every day object, very be necessary ingredient of serious postmortem product, sales resistance can endanger environment and the product with healthy human body. The bowl holds bubble range: The container of surface of bowl outfit bubble is multi-purpose polystyrene, to avoid to be out of shape when heat, the manufacturer joins acidification to prevent agent BHT to serve as stable agent. BHT is one of carcinogen, can cause hepatic hypertrophy, chromosome unusual, reduce progenitive probability. Another problem is, most bubble surface passes deepfry, also put inside oil have BHT, when developing bubble with hot water so, the material of harmful human body can dissolve from inside bubble surface, container come out. Because this is bought less as far as possible at ordinary times,buy convenient range, if need really, the proposal had better choose the white noodle with less accretion. Vitamin beverage: All sorts of emphasis that what sell on market life-giving wake the vitamin beverage of filling body of head, Zhuang Yang, a lot of added coffeine, partial commodity still added alcohol part, even the commodity that alcohol composition is as high as 12% , also appear in " vitamin beverage " display frame on. Ever had a truckman the late night drives, to retain have one's head screwed on the right way, drank 3 bottles so-called have " life-giving wake head " the vitamin beverage of the effect, on the freeway stall recalls the car before bumping, this driver dies on the spot, because assay result has alcohol reaction, preliminary survey produce the expected result returns the police to think by accident is cause trouble drives after wine. Clean things: Hairdressing science studies the expert points out, chemically material complex washs facial things, can destroy cutaneous cutin layer, dissolve the protein of skin ground floor even, if think to was not used excitant and for a long time, can produce chronic and toxic phenomenon. Synthesis washs hair essence to make the hair becomes flimsy easily. Experimental discovery, with electron microscope observation, use synthesis washs the person that sends seed, the hair expresses leather film to disappear, present hidebound position. Actually, wash one's hands, bathe best choice does not have accretion. With good in quality and cheap in price soap, already can decontamination does not hurt the skin again. Protect skin to taste: Surface of human body cutaneous, the water that excretes by grease of sebaceous glands excretive and sweat gland divides film of compound skin fat to protect the skin. But we are very chronic however the ground comes with all sorts of artificial oil products " protection skins " , think of course. Clever consumer should look first when buying cosmetic have following part: Purificatory lanolin is mellow: Oily raw material, it is the material that creates osculatory sex rash and irritability dermatitis. Hydroxyl toluene 2 fourth ester and hydroxyl fennel 2 fourth ester: Acidification avoids an agent, have the possibility that cause cancer. Benzoic acerbity natrium: Save, antiseptic, can stimulate the skin, mucous membrane, eye, nose and throat. Some dermatologists say, the things such as daub latex, either " protective skin " however " destroy the skin " . If the skin is dry, might as well the tea-seed oil that use hill or olive oil, replace the latex that added a lot of and chemical substance, make up the things such as water. Plastic feeder: Transparent, it is not convenient, easy to carry throw broken plastic feeder, get of contemporary parents love. But perhaps you do not know, when this kind of feeder uses milk powder of hot water bubble, dissolve easily give a kind of substance, to growing system of medium cheeper internal system, immunity is mixed neurological, having potential undesirable effect. By this token, convert the method that vitreous feeding bottle is consumer ego protection. Electric shaver: Of motor of use communication type, the electric shaver that receives socket, in the position that is apart from 3 centimeters, electromagnetic wave is as high as 15000 times of safe value. And what make a person anxious more is, if the person that there is mole on the face uses an electric shaver, the puissant electromagnetic wave that its send out, the likelihood causes pathological change, get skin cancer. Although use time weak point everyday, but radiation quantity is met accumulate over a long period, wait for the disease that electromagnetic wave may cause like cancer, leukaemia, brain tumor, some may appear later in 10 years. Want to avoid to accept radiation bit by bit everyday, had better convert as soon as possible general razor, wipe on the face on soap, install a person's mind to enjoy shaved fun slowly.

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