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Vigilant " electromagnetism is polluted " the influence is healthy
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While of all kinds electric equipment is working to bring advantage with the life to people, its " electromagnetism is polluted " the body that also gives people brings a few bad influences. The expert reminds, should beside vigilance " electromagnetism is polluted " . "Electromagnetism is polluted " it is to point to of all kinds electric equipment, wait like blanket of furnace of computer, mobile phone, microwave oven, electromagnetism, freezer, air conditioning, television, acoustics, electric heat in working process, emit the radio frequency with a relatively lesser power, the electromagnetism radiate that may bring different rate is polluted, affect human body health. Environmental protection expert thinks, human body falls for long at electromagnetism radiate, easy generation insomnia, be addicted to sleeps function of classics of fetish waiting for establish is disorder symptom, accompany possibly still leucocyte decreases, eyesight drops, difference of power of electrocardiogram change, immunity. Wait for the personnel that the orgnaization works with emissive tower in high-pressured transformer substation, broadcasting station, TV station, radar station commonly, often use the personnel of all sorts of electric equipment, pregnant woman, children, old person and the sick and wounded and the person that use a mobile phone for long are polluted more easily by electromagnetism radiate. To avoid " electromagnetism is polluted " , the expert puts forward as follows to suggest: It is to want to abide by national level self-consciously, use the office equipment such as computer, mobile phone, microwave oven and electric home appliances

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