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The mobile phone is radiation-proof strategy
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Is mobile phone radiate healthy killer? Be in the current society that is corresponded to surround by microwave personally, modern is hated to the love of the mobile phone perhaps is complex. What people cannot leave a mobile phone to bring already is convenient, also conceive putting right " radiation " a variety of worry that endanger health.

Consider to make clear, open a mobile phone when people, the mobile phone is met to the mobile phone base the station is deferent radio wave, and a kind of any radio wave can be absorbed more or less by human body, bring such and such influence to the health of human body thereby. The process that this kind of electromagnetic wave transmits outwards, with respect to radiate of the mobile phone that be called.

Fudan University is sanitation of profession of communal and wholesome institute, poisonous a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties teachs Jin Xipeng to point out, although whether can medical bound cause the major disease such as tumor to mobile phone radiate at present,still existing to argue certainly, but in before had confirmed in animal experiment, mobile phone microwave has certain characteristic: Jump over much organ to containing moisture content, harm is greater. Use hand opportunity for a long time to be affected somewhat to the neurological, heart of human body and eye.

Qian Liang of associate professor of wireless communication institute tells Shanghai traffic university the reporter, the mobile phone is a kind of signal emitter that has certain power, most high-power is controlled in 1 tile. But because the mobile phone often is met frequent " be close to " the cerebrum place of human body, from healthy angle consideration, the influence of the accumulate over a long period that people should come into being to radiation place somewhat vigilant. For this, want a few detail from inside the life to be made, reduce the harm of mobile phone radiate to health.

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