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Technology of solidify of the 4th radiate is advanced seminar ends formally in A
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A few days ago, technology of solidify of the 4th radiate is advanced seminar ends in badge. Introduce according to expert of guild of Chinese epoxy resin, learn committee of radiation solidify major to sponsor by Chinese sensitization, university of Chinese science and technology undertakes should grind high class, face raw material of countrywide radiate solidify / product production and sale business, reach the senior administrator of its product user and relevant technology personnel, place of scientific research courtyard and universities and colleges are relevant professional, before be being summed up 3 (on foundation of experience of 2003 ~ 2005) , invite the expert with enterprise of solidify of domestic and international radiate and experienced school, emphasize at lecture of technical special subject in the light of actual application, student people gains is widespread very abundant.

Besides discuss between the class beyond, grind high the class still uses 2 evening to organize domestic and international expert to hold answering question delibrate, in order to increase radiation solidify ABC and applied technical ability; Open " the experiment explains and demonstrate " raw material of the firm that reach light and course of assessment technique of its product function, offer testing instrument operation and application to demonstrate a video tape; Offer lecture notes of complete set course and CD; Attend a seminar to whole journey, master radiation solidify skill the student of basic knowledge and skill, still issue letter of wind up one's studies of university of Chinese science and technology. Grind high university of science and technology of class locate China (east area) expert building, created good study environment for student.

Grind high lecture of class technology special subject all is held the position of by domestic famous expert. Introduce according to guild of Chinese epoxy resin, content basically has: Hong Xiaoyin teachs Tsinghua college " coating shedding is metamorphic can with the technology that become film " , manage of Chinese Academy of Sciences changes institute researcher Yang Yongyuan " smooth solid printing ink / the light of paint causes system and its recipe design " , university of Beijing chemical industry teachs Nie Jun.

Act on the principle that faces an international market, grind high the class still gives lessons by abroad and numerous expert please, include among them: Taiwan grows promote chemical company become privileged to learn to taste a ministry (technology) manager Chen Shunliang " consider thinner of logical choice active integratedly / oligomer " , doctor of ministry of technology of American Fusion company includes " microwave UV lamp originallies in light the application in coating " , French Mulhouse university.

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