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Course of study of cyanogen secret service enlarges whole world of radiation sol
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Company of estate of cyanogen secret service (new York stock exchange: CYT) was in on July 7, 2006 Xin Zexi's Xipatesen, a new workshop a future life is established to produce acrylic acid of oxygen of radiation solidify annulus in announcing the Feng Xiansheng that is in the plan Chinese Shanghai produces base fat and colophony of polyurethane acrylic acid. New increase production can will cut the work segment that supplies chain and strengthen cyanogen to be in this area to the client especially the contented ability of application and technical demand side. Plan to be in 2008 finish first half of the year.

Additional, cyanogen is about to be in the United States especially the extension that Aogusida completes the north of Maine to produce equipment to radiation solidify colophony. In order to increase the productivity of the monomer product that cyanogen is in the United States especially, complement shows some product line. This second is produced can expand will finish within 2007.

Chief inspector of business affairs of radiation solidify whole world, philippe Goethals say, "Our dilate consolidated cyanogen is in especially the radiation solidify of the whole world and area is acrylic the lead position of ester colophony domain, the augment that is in the United States is to satisfy the market demand in growing better and implementation we serve the acceptance at the client in cost efficiency respect. Be in China to build new workshop is our strategic centre of gravity, will satisfy the requirement of the China in growing and other country client with this, still increased the manufacturing product line in Asia-Pacific area further additionally. Still increased the manufacturing product line in Asia-Pacific area further additionally..

Goethals complements: "The whole world that complement of these two supply plans to be able to strengthen us in the future furnishs and the client that invites us to be in each areas can from the benefit in our extensive product line and better service.

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