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Hand of white-collar pregnant woman is a high price radiation-proof take after a
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"Xiaokuang, are you pregnant? " " how you know? " " saw you wore radiation-proof waistcoat. " nowadays, be in many unit companies, can " expose " of accurate mother status, often not be her is potbellied, what cover the upper part of the body early however is radiation-proof take. This small thin vest or waistcoat, because had " radiation-proof " renown date, with respect to social status times add, expensive ask a price is in hundreds yuan! These white-collars allow Mom hand " is protection taken " be no matter use, in charge of after all? What can it prevent after all?

Permit mother: Comfort psychology much

"Actually, wear this to beg a psychology to comfort namely. " yesterday, be pregnant Ms. Li of 7 months says to the reporter, "When my one check fish is pregnant, my husband established engrave bazaar to buy a radiation-proof dustcoat to me, spent many 500 Qian Na. He says my all day long bends over in front of computer, influence of afraid computer radiate is fetal. " the reporter investigated 10 pregnant woman and near future to have randomly be pregnant the white-collar lady of the plan, 10 average per capita express to want to wear radiation-proof take. They express, should do sufficient be on guard entirely, ensure fetal health. If useful and best, if trashy also won't be opposite the body is harmful. And the son is already fast peaceful lady of 3 years old looks weak a lot of: "I also was bought at that time, but was worn,two days feel troublesome to was not worn again. My son is same now special health is happy. My sensory effect is not big. "

Sell square: The effect has affirmed
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