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Data of radiate of electric home appliances
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1. does not let electric equipment gather together. Do not put electric home appliances

2. does not linger in computer back. Of computer it is very important to put the position. The back look out that does not allow screen as far as possible is worn the place of somebody, because computer radiate is the strongest, is rear, it is or so two side next, the front of screen instead radiation is the weakest.

3. absorbs electromagnetic wave with water. Indoor the working environment that should keep good, wait like comfortable temperature, clean air. Because water is the best medium that absorbs electromagnetic wave, can put a few bottles of water more in the periphery of computer. Nevertheless, the ability that must be plastic bottle and vitreous bottle goes, cannot contain water with metallic cup absolutely.

4. decreases bide one's time. When electric equipment suspends using, had better not make them long be in bide one's time condition, because can produce fainter electric magnetic field right now, also can produce radiation for long to accumulate.

5. washs a face in time to wash one's hands. Surface of computer fluorescent screen is existing many and electrostatic, the dust that its collect can turn shoot facial ministry and hand ministry skin bare place, time is long, easy happening macula, pigment is ad cool-headed, serious person can cause skin pathological changes to wait even, because this should wash a face in time after use,wash this hands.

6. compensatory nutrition. Computer handlers should take some of carrot, Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts, bean curd, red jujube, orange and milk, egg, animal more the food such as hepatic, lean lean, with A of the vitamin inside compensatory human body and protein. Still can drink tea more water, the active material such as the tea much phenol in tea is helpful for absorbing with counteractive radioactivity material.

7. receives a mobile phone to fasten impatient. The mobile phone is in put through the instant and when charging, communicate, the electromagnetism radiate that release is the biggest, because this had better have rung in the mobile phone,receive after 9 seconds hear a telephone call. When charging, do not receive hear a telephone call.

Radiation hazard man is healthy blame very

Once a lot of females that pursue IT trade appear abortion, infecund wait for a circumstance, can be reason end above all computer. The expert points out, this is probable it is beyond the mark " drive up " electromagnetism radiant might, oversight other and of all kinds reason.

Electromagnetism radiate affects reproductive system of the person really possibly, but main show is man spermatozoon diminution of quality, because male reproduction cell and spermatozoon are right electromagnetism radiate is more sensitive. Accordingly, the male should reduce too frequent and as concentrated as electromagnetic wave contact as far as possible, and safe distance also should maintain when the contact, it is half meters of above commonly.
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