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6 years old of the year before last year all spend baby 1. 40 thousand yuan
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According to statistic, be born from darling, each China family is only the spending on infantile food, toy, book is average and annual be about 1 . 40 thousand yuan, and this number is rising a few this years all the time. In recent years, besides the ceaseless augment of product of of all kinds infant, the backbone that is aimed at a family -- numerous the product of a mom, service also is in expand ceaselessly, more somebody puts forward " the search market of the Baidu of big Yuan Chao of Mu Ying market " . This year is a baby boom year, mother baby market causes the domestic heat that has darling or pregnant woman to discuss once more, does the mother baby market of Shanghai grow after all nowadays how? What change to have? What is are mom the most malcontent? Let us have a look together, look one look.

"Hot Mom " love to maintain most

Begin from maternal Huai Baobao, a family enters strong spending period, especially from be pregnant to rise to 67 months, reach consumptive peak. Make a living before this a few years the deposit that scrape up of child live frugaly comes down will enter erupt the gender consumes period: Maternal health care is tasted, defend take, pregnant woman outfit, nurse things; Things of infantile feeder, baby carrier, childen's garments, special catharsis, toy? Crow even service of prenatal education, homemaking, children education serves, and subsequently and the family that come buys problem of enter a school of the room, requirement that change a room, child to wait. Can say, once the child enters a family, rigid spending expenses of the family just just begins.

Besides large on darling body investment, in recent years, mom pay attention to oneself more and more maintain. Because at present the woman great majority at Yo age is " 70 hind " , " 80 hind " generation, their culture administrative levels is higher, healthy consciousness is stronger, and consume an idea also relatively lead, the consumption to pregnant baby things especially be willing to part with or use invests. In the meantime, the professional knowledge that they raise to pregnant baby Yo is lacked quite, they are accordingly right the demand of pregnant baby things of muti_function, diversification is quite strong.

According to doing the Shanghai of sale channel of mother baby product only Chen Renhua of general manager of network of 100 love mom introduces, two this years the mother begins those who become particularly prosperous to should belong to postpartum hairdressing thin body on baby market. "These young white-collar mother are intolerable in rest there is figure of overstaffed, metabolic to appear before the colleague after 3 months maternity leave. " then, after ending lactation, they can throw plan of body of of all kinds fine actively, buy product reducing weight in great quantities, inside short time with field of the most perfect attitude return duty, and most person is paid no attention to to the price, "They think this is a short-term investment, it is good to want the result only, a bit more expensive also be indifferent to. A bit more expensive also be indifferent to..
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