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At present market of costume of radiation-proof pregnant woman already was the R
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Look in Xu Taofang, at present market of costume of radiation-proof pregnant woman already was the Red Sea. She thinks, add sweet must be in adjust product strategy for a short while, search another new La Hai, the potential demand that competitor of new fixed position ignores, ability grabs anticipate opportunity.

Binding vulnerable point, wearing popular day Han dress, xu Taofang is a model " 80 hind " . When a lot of the first pace that just steps a life to struggle with age person, she sits in Shanghai to buy sweet industrial limited company already (next weighing " add sweet " ) inside CEO office.

"My present pressure is very actually great, a lot of people feel entrepreneur the 2nd generation is to containing golden spoon to be born, the career of successive father, do well everybody feels is should, bad to can be said. " Xu Taofang says frankly.

With Yang Huiyan, Zong Fuli these the 2nd acting entrepreneur accedes the method of father line of business is different, at that time year only the career platform that Xu Taofang of 21 years old rejected father to had been built for her, additional monarch path develops new market, built the bibcock inside radiation-proof garment industry to buy popular brand.

6 years ago, xu Taofang is being hit buy market of popular radiation-proof costume of home of brand open up, up to last year, the sale that increases popular radiation-proof product achieved 320 million yuan. This year first half of the year, already finished annual 370 million yuan sale index, second half of the year will continue to maintain the growth momentum of 40%~50% .

If the root comes to a company rarely now,Xu Taofang's father is made, bright also to the general affairs of the company have bother about. He tells a reporter: "How do I say previously, how is the daughter done. She has new idea, I can have doubt, but now I already all gives she comes decision-making. But now I already all gives she comes decision-making..

Breakthrough bottleneck

1998, xu Taofang is sent Singapore to study abroad by father. Holding the state of mind that bear hardships in the arms, xu Taofang works by the side of edge study, hold the Chinese family education with several unripe middle and primary school concurrently personally, discharge the time of a week almost full. "I am the proudest in those days is can oneself feed oneself, father gives my living cost, I had been employed hardly. " Xu Taofang says.

Xu Taofang finished undergraduate course school work to go back to the motherland 2002. The Shanghai that establishs by father skill at that time writings brush Na Sen makes the clothing limited company (next weighing " writing Na Sen " ) the old brand that is dress of the old age in a production is famous enterprise. Father loses Xu Taofang to a business manager of at hand, the clerk became the first job of Xu Taofang.

Xu Taofang discovers during study abroad, the pregnant woman of Singapore can buy outfit of special radiation-proof pregnant woman, but the brand is imported completely from Japan, just act as agent by Singapore. And in home, radiation-proof costume market have not true " effervescent " . Xu Taofang feels this is an opportunity, the market that can hold from pregnant woman first begins to be cut.
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