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Pregnant woman dress drives tide
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Report from our correspondent(reporter Zhu Huan) as many getting on the citizen that 80 time are born should get on the century to permit mother, the state of mind of angle tide dress also takes pregnancy, a few pregnant woman wear an outfit of brand tide pregnant woman, make beautiful accurate mother become fashion increasingly, bring up big business chance of pregnant woman fashionable dress (if pursue,Chen Zaidao is photographed) .

As we have learned, this year is a pig year, a lot of citizens hope to be born for nothing fat fat " pig young " , the female citizen that is pregnant consequently is quite much. Pregnancy is as long as 10 months, be as long as in this there is beautiful, comfortable dress in 10 months, make pregnant woman mood optimistic, make darling more healthy, the latest fashion of pregnant woman is day-to-day and consequently popular rise. Current, the our city's more fashionable pregnant woman is versed in of happy house, Jia Yifen, mammy room, into into, Huai Tai, among them " mammy labour room " the Europe of follow closely of pregnant woman outfit that designs production's newest fashionable tide, at the same time mature pregnant woman wears the comfortable pitch of the move, sufficient contented accurate mammy is mixed in all sorts of social situations the dress of daily life, and pregnant of happy house, Jia Yifen international high end that comes from Taiwan holds a brand, because its design is fashionable refined, colourful lively, also follow the reception of mom and recreational accurate mom by our city white-collar. According to " darling city " of Fu baby market make a manager divulge, this year, besides a few in outside the sell like hot cakes of pregnant woman outfit of high-grade tide, accurate mom of the white-collar also very favour is radiation-proof the pregnant woman dress of series. Manage like this inn " happy house " the outfit of radiation-proof series pregnant such as unlined upper garment of belt of abdomen bag, waists-coat, condole, although the price does not poor, but white-collar pregnant woman buys these radiation-proof pregnant outfit to pay attention to its very radiation-proof effect, because this kinds of radiation-proof pregnant installs management country major to check orgnaization attestation,its screen function amounts to 90 % above, general pregnant woman is happy to buy.

Pregnant woman installs sell like hot cakes this year, draw brand shop of numerous baby things to increase the management acreage of outfit of tide pregnant woman, darling city more the management area that holds pregnant woman installs nearly 100 square metre, become the our city's larger pregnant woman fashionable dress to sell, because its brand, money is lubricious various, the environment is easy, become the good place of dress of kind of choose and buy of our city pregnant woman.

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