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Outfit of radiation-proof pregnant woman is not pregnant woman to also can be wo
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Report from our correspondent this morning, exhibition of things of pregnant woman of the 5th China International, infant exhibits a center to hold in China International. Of product of series of pregnant woman outfit exhibit surround by the stage full crowd.

Unlined upper garment of belt of radiation-proof abdomen bag, radiation-proof apron, radiation-proof condole, radiation-proof vest... the reporter goes up in exhibition see, all sorts of radiation-proof kind pregnant woman outfit exhibited a stage to hold exhibit the one much of the meeting.

According to dress of baby of Guangzhou town this life industrial limited company introduces, what the company produces is radiation-proof, prevent sort of dress of electromagnetic wave pregnant woman to amount to 10 a variety of, besides the common sort such as jacket, still include socks of underwear, special silk to wait.

Business of a dress tells a reporter: "Pregnant woman fits the healthy requirement that satisfied office worker, but the female that was not pregnant, also can wear at ordinary times, market prospect is tremendous. Market prospect is tremendous..

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