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Infantile tide: Be certain mom costs detailed account
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Infantile tide follows a pig year come together give birth to a darling to want to spend how many money after all, the reporter is investigated --

"Golden pig child " upsurge came formally! Forecast according to Beijing health bureau, only one ground of Beijing, can 150 thousand baby is born this year, far outclass 129 thousand 2006. Come day after day, beijing a hospital for gynaecology and obstetrics should welcome 700 pregnant woman everyday, be at ordinary times double much. Touched " gold " the golden pig child of the word appears adumbrative move is big big " gold " the pouch that pours out of accurate father to permit mother, an investigation that rolled out recently according to sina net, of 81% suffer the person that visit to think, "Be pregnant childbirth " will bring tremendous influence to domestic economy. Accurate mom from be pregnant to labor, give birth to " golden pig child " how much should throw after all? "Is the baby wet " bring how old burden to the family? The reporter investigates discovery, from be pregnant, production arrives foster 0 years old " golden pig child " , total cost amounts to more than 60000 yuan.

Huai Baobao -- 10 thousand yuan of equipment permit mother

● tells about a person: Li Ying is 27 years old

Network company employee

Pregnancy 5 months

"Baby has not been born, spent 10 thousand much, dare not envision the following expense really. " in the Li Ying that network company goes to work expected date of childbirth is by April, the expense before thinking the child is born originally won't have how old, who knows to turn over a bankbook to look, miscellaneous 7 miscellaneous the money of 8 had been spent many.

"The expenditure of accurate mom is 4 parts commonly, all sorts of dress of examination of pregnant woman body, pregnant woman, cordial and traffic expenses. " Li Ying is fine fine calculated brushstroke Zhang, just began she and husband for insurance, make the inspection before a pregnant to the hospital designedly, 400 yuan. After be pregnant she every month should be checked to the hospital, fundamental examination is cost not much, registration 5 yuan, check of hematic check make water every 10 yuan or so, 30 multivariate.

Li Ying's biggest expense is on the garment and travel. "I go to work in network company, must face computer everyday, must wear so radiation-proof take, buy a prevailing to be about 600 reach 800 yuan. Abdomen is big now, begin show one's true figures, should buy to appearance from underwear special, return so that consider change garments according to the season, at least every are planted so that preparation replaces two sets. An average pregnant woman is installed 300 reach 400 yuan, buy neat have to 4000 multivariate. Buy neat have to 4000 multivariate..
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