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Look from bazaar shop tide of outfit of Chun Xia pregnant woman is wonderful 200
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Although the tide of pregnant woman outfit is not as wonderful as fashionable dress tide, but below the effect that changes in fashionable dress, pregnant woman outfit also had a few apparent change. The new clothes that appears on the market from bazaar shop looks, the Chun Xiaxin pregnant woman 2007 contains a few window that deserve attention.

★ window: The adornment side Lei Sihua

This year is by the side of Lei Sihua the necessary adornment that many pregnant woman install Chun Xia, pregnant woman promoted the melting index of outfit by the side of melting Lei Sihua. The getting that appears in the dress not only by the side of Lei Sihua ministry and sleeve place, some still appears in skirt to be placed, draw the outline of the beautiful curve that skirt places. In addition, lacy colour is increasingly delicate and charming also, effect of the adornment side bright red Lei Sihua is apparent, produce the result that grabs an eye very easily.

★ window: Colorful candy strip

Colorful stripe outfit is this year one of popular elements on fashionable T stage, this one element also is used for pregnant woman outfit, added the tide element that pregnant woman assembles. The colour of candy strip also with gorgeous tonal give priority to, bright red the stripe that comprises with white, the stripe that a variety of colour such as blue, light yellow comprise cream-colored, pink, pink, let candy strip appear pure and fresh and natural. To foil the body curve of pregnant woman more slenderly, pregnant woman installs the candy strip that uses fore-and-aft design more, a little colorful candy strip regards whole as the ornament of dress only, appear in arm to be in only.

★ window: Wind bowknot is a focus

The pregnant woman outfit that Chun Xiaxin rolls out this year takes the design that gets a department seriously apparently, the promotion of line of sight of people, and won't keep visual focus on ridgy abdomen. The design that get a department comes with Nancy detail deck, wind is decorated with bowknot, the means such as the collarband design of drape and embroider lets the collarband that pregnant woman installs make conspicuous central point.

★ window: Cloth is heavier permeability

Current, what shop of outfit of the pregnant woman in bazaar rolls out is pregnant woman new clothes of Chun Xia more, because this pregnant woman installs the climate that also suits Chun Xiayan to heat up, roll out the material with appear gas function better. Before the fabrics with the better permeability such as comfortable pure cotton, flax still is pregnant woman outfit is more use material, chun Xia rolled out the pregnant woman that more makes by thin silk to install this year, already close-fitting frivolous, the pregnant woman that suits much sweat is being worn.

★ window: Radiation-proof essential thing

The radiate of the article such as computer, TV, mobile phone grows to fetal health have certain harm, because outfit of this radiation-proof pregnant woman is one of essential thing of pregnant woman. Nowadays, the radiation-proof pregnant woman that offers in bazaar contains the design such as bag of vest, abdomen, coat, price is controlled in 400 yuan. Outfit of radiation-proof pregnant woman added radiation-proof metal in fabrics, can effective screen and segregation electromagnetism radiate.
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