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The healthy blind angle that the female ignores easily
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Ignore is long-term constipation Problem: Constipation is to show one individual a week is solved the frequency is less than 3 times. Although brief constipation does not represent intestines and stomach unusual, but if costive phenomenon exceeds 3 weeks of above continuously, criterion should go to a doctor of as soon as possible. Because large intestine falls paragraph rectum and second shape colon are located in pelvic antrum, when the female contracts cervix cancer, partial patient can affect large intestine because of this to wriggle, bring about constipation then. Medical expert of the United States carries pair of 1000 many renown woman detect put forward, growth of cell of one person breast is put in 20 people greatly everyday unusual. And weekly have a bowel movement is little at 2 person, there is growth of cell of 1 person breast in 4 people unusual. Constant expression is the mammary cell with this kind of unusual development mammary gland and tracheal and epithelial not typical hyperplasia, and this kind of hyperplasia often is pathological changes of lacteal cancer early days. So, must not look down upon constipation, it is a big question likely. Countermeasure: 1. Absorb a large number of fiber: American food association suggests the adult absorbs the food fiber of 35 grams of 20 ~ everyday, costive patient criterion at least 30 grams. Fiber comes from carbohydrate -- for example complete corn, fruit and vegetable. If you choose food attentively, it is not difficult that one day should get 30 grams fiber. For example, half cups of green bean can offer 5 grams; A small apple offers 3 grams; Wheat bran of a bowl of swallow offers 13 grams. The head of a list of names posted up of fiber food list includes ripe dehydrate legume, dry plum (Pnlnes) , pear of fig, grape, popcorn, oaten, West and nuclear fruit. Those who need an attention is, answer to add fiber to absorb an amount gradually, lest cause excessive exhaust. 2. Nurturance makes athletic habit: Do motion to be able to promote food to pass intestines regularly, in order to solve costive problem. 3. Diversification of food of do one's best: Drink boiling water more, water, daily dine should match certain proportional food grains other than wheat and rice appropriately, accomplish grain of degree of finish to match, diversification of staple food of do one's best. Eating alimental of the flesh, egg at the same time, eat even a few contain the fresh vegetable with much cellulose and fruit. 4. Maintain spirit happy: Pleasurable, avoid undesirable mental stimulation, because undesirable mood can make hydrochloric acid in gastric juice secretes a quantity to drop, peristalsis of intestines and stomach is decelerated. Won't eat a fruit Problem: Most person chooses fruity sort according to his be fond of. But a lot of people do not know, the nutrient part that different fruit contains is different, suit different occupational person edible. Countermeasure: 1. Whacked -- eat persimmon. Because exhaustion is below most circumstance,cause, and element of a lot of iron is contained in persimmon, can stimulate haemoglobin generate. 2. Driver -- eat orange. Orange can be helped often the driver of inspiratory waste gas eliminates the toxin inside body. 3. Commonly used computer -- pear having oil. Oily pear contains rich vitamin A, E and B2 cross-eye eyeball beneficial. 4. Smoke civilian -- eat a grape. The grape has effect of make expectoration easy. 5. Middleaged female -- eat papaya and mango. Papaya can enhance function power. Mango contains rich carotene β and unique enzymatic, can make the skin rich and stretch, and defer furrow generate.
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