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Is radiation-proof pregnant woman installed can 100% radiation-proof?
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Contact with the product such as computer, mobile phone much, many people begin the radiate since attention to pollute the harm that arises to human body, especially a few accurate mom, and radiation-proof pregnant woman is installed also emerge as the times require, it must allow the favour of mom very much, but what outfit of radiation-proof pregnant woman says like the businessman really is so magical, can 100% radiation-proof?

Recently, the reporter visited discovery of store of much home of the Chengdu City, dress of many brand pregnant woman rolled out radiation-proof series product. Those who suit pregnant woman dress is radiation-proof take the bag of vest, abdomen, upper outer garment that do not have sleeve of pregnant woman skirt, condole, the price is common dress 2 to 3 times.

In industrial market brand shop of dress of a pregnant woman, indicate on the sign that the reporter sees a radiation-proof suit " tinsel content 29% " . The salesperson says, the principle of radiation-proof outfit is in knitting tinsel fabrics, through the metal reflection holds off radiation, this is product of blending of the 3rd acting tinsel, the Five Dynasties is metallic ion fabrics, can prevent the high frequency radiate of 99% .

Allow mom's apprehension to give up, the salesperson often is met the spot checks radiation-proof outfit effect with the mobile phone. The method is handle machine wrap up is taken in pregnant woman inside, ask consumer to dial a mobile telephone, the mobile phone does not have signal, demonstrative dress is radiation-proof the effect is good.

Because the witch lady that works in the government sector is contacted with computer all the year round, since after darling was being conceived at the beginning of September, beautiful 800 multivariate bought set radiation-proof take, when buying, she has enquired the member that sell carefully, still witnessed the mobile phone test that allows her to say to surprise.

Concerned expert expresses, the businessman is publicized can 100% prevent radiation, exaggerated for certain product effectiveness. The metallic reseau of the dress is designed can shield is limited the radiate of wavelengh, not be businessman place conduct propaganda have so powerful function, and industry also does not have authoritative research to prove to radiation and its harm. Will detect with the mobile phone is unscientific also, because radiation itself is a relatively complex concept, include radiate of ray of nuclear radiation, X, electromagnetism radiate to wait, radiate of mobile phone electromagnetism is only among them a kind, cannot in order to slant without exception complete.

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