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The addition that radiation-proof pregnant woman takes
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Below dry in the winter environment, people raise one's hand casts Zujianyi not to take care to be able to be assaulted electrostaticly; Rush about between family and unit, ground of all sorts of bacteria be all-pervasive are adherent go up in our dress, the health that is us is buried played hidden trouble; As all sorts of electric equipment gain ground, more and more people everyday place oneself at electric equipment surround in, suffer the pain of electromagnetism radiate. Come out to make people falls disengagement from the hidden trouble with all sorts of healthy influences, the enterprise rolled out a lot of spin to have all sorts of defending in succession functional fabrics.

Heibei Baoding depends on cotton group limited company is among them delegate, they roll out fight bacterium, antistatic, fight electromagnetism radiate to wait muti_function fabrics, not only the effect is distinct, and still have a lot of distinctive technologies. This period bridge maple parlor, the functional sex fabric that we ask Baoding to depend on Wang Tongjie of assistant of general manager of cotton group limited company to be everybody introduction to win second-class award of progress of 2007 spin science and technology.

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