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Radiation-proof garment
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"Powdered milk of vitamin, folic acid, calcium tablet, mother, cod-liver oil I begin to eat from preparation wants the child, as long as it is good to the child, the money that spend a dot is indifferent to. " Miss Li tells the accurate mom that choosing nourishment the reporter, these expense a month comes down to have hundreds of yuan. The reporter calculated brushstroke Zhang for these young mother, the necessaries of life that from consumption of October be pregnant 1000 yuan pregnant woman outfit reachs thousands of yuan of preparation to be born for darling, from go to a hospital producing a choice to be entered daily 150 yuan cell, to later period every monthly wages 2000 yuan month elder brother's wife nurses, nearly 100 yuan confinement eat distributes every food send, from every time 50 yuan baby swims, 100 years old of photography that hundreds of yuan foetal hair pen makes on 1000 yuan and close child teach early etc, these " 80 hind " new student things family month all is consumed 1000 multivariate, expense of a year is in 10000~20000 yuan between, be pregnant from mom, baby is born to darling 3 years old between, total spending time is 4 years about. That is to say, every are born a darling can create 4~5 for pregnant baby economy 10 thousand yuan turnover.

In interview many citizens say, at present although inn of things of baby of the mother on the market is very much, but say to go up truly specialization, what the brand changes is not much. The personage inside course of study thinks, "Feeder of diaper of = of pregnant baby things " the need that the times cannot get used to modern life already completely, rise increasingly with what get educational rate as young generation standard of living, the high grade product of muti_function, diversification, high quality service and professional management and whole form a complete set are safeguarded, will make the inevitable trend that industry of pregnant baby things grows, who can provide better service to the citizen, who can dig a pail of gold more.

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