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Pregnant woman is radiation-proof take contrast of 3 kinds of brands to evaluate
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3 radiation-proof pregnant woman hold the form that used blending, this kind of craft that make also is current most the pregnant woman outfit of the mainstream makes technology, not only dress is comfortable, catharsis rises relatively simple also. O.T.Cmami material kisses skin most, use cotton qualitative blending, suit to allow mom to stick body dress, permeability is very special and comfortable, adoption data most Shu Xin. Among them the form that golden vogue and Tian Xiang take polyester fibber blending, among them Tian Xiang was used more advanced multivariate craft of the fiber that contain silver. Tian Xiang is more outstanding the permeability of fabrics, because this did so additional processing. Golden vogue is commonner, in lift in compasses.


Tian Xiang design compares fashionable dress to change, brown design shows the sense of high elegance fully, pregnant woman installs bosom position to have chalaza, can let be pregnant the abdomen that inchoate pregnant woman conceals him as far as possible, design special joker, beautiful.

O.T.Cmami suits summer to be being worn, mischievous and lively condole is taken and design pinkly, the beauty that invites accurate mom more grace a few minutes, design is novel and lively. The design of golden vogue compares smooth fact, without can encircle the part that can order.


Wearing for convenient pregnant mom, the detail that 3 pregnant woman pretended to differ is handled. Change clothing as the function for, these detail can be encircled can nod.

Because the abdomen of pregnant woman is met,increase along with time gradually, and clad meeting has inconvenience after abdomen became big. Accordingly 3 paragraph pregnant woman have two to install zip in flank in outfit, flank zip of Tian Xiang is dress of convenient pregnant woman and design, when turtleneck dress is no-go, also can wear from flank, zip is pulled after been wear but. O.T.Cmami lateral zip is add wide design, after pulling open zip, pregnant woman outfit is added a lot of wider, accordingly, although abdomen increased,permit mother, also need not additional buy again, can accomplish to reach the designated position.

Accurate mom can take a few essential things now and then, golden vogue is additional designed two little bags, pregnant mom can put something inside.

Radiation-proof ability

Radiation-proof ability often is the link that pregnant mom pay close attention to most, had better be a radiate beside it is better to hold back ability entirely. Use professional microwave to defend material screen efficiency checks an instrument to undertake detecting. Because to pregnant woman, bosom and next abdomens are two the most significant position, and the wave band of 1000~3000MHZ is us in daily life most the electromagnetism radiation limits that often is in.

Because this is right,outfit of 3 radiation-proof pregnant woman presses bosom and hypogastric different position, and different radiate value gives have screen efficiency test, the around data that reach undertakes screen efficiency is compared right, numerical value is greater, prove screen capability is stronger, contrary, criterion screen ability is weaker.
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