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The price that radiation-proof pregnant woman holds wants commonly 34 times tall
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"Outfit of radiation-proof pregnant woman was not endangered at least " , " the person beside was bought " , " cannot buy security, mentally also is comfort " . Ms. Liu of Jiangsu oil field says, after be pregnant, she and beside " accurate mom " people fear all sorts of radiant are endangered very much. The website that a few radiation-proof pregnant woman install captures just about " accurate mom " people this kind of psychology substantially apply colours to a drawing: "Expert " admonish, as a result of fetal puerile and puny, get particularly easily the harm of electromagnetic wave. "Pregnant age 6 weeks former radiation sensitivity is highest, small dose illuminate is caused likely fetal reach functional development to send deformation " ; "0-3 of month of embryo period fetal get after radiation, general likelihood causes limbs to be short of caustic or deformation, cause miscarriage likely " ; "The likelihood causes intelligence attaint is gawkish even " , " can cause fetal body function the low, constitution after be born and counteractive ability are poorer " ...

"Accurate mom " people should assure no risk at all, in succession need not computer uses a mobile phone less, go buying radiation-proof pregnant woman to install... and these their actions let the employers that outfit of radiation-proof pregnant woman sells on the market send money.

North of National Day road paragraph because of courtyard of health care of proximate city women and children work up is things of women and children a street. Here has many to sell the store that radiation-proof pregnant woman holds, the fascia of some shop is " radiation-proof pregnant woman installs ** (take) " , in the shop of pregnant woman outfit that there is similar printed or written words on fascia have basically also " radiation-proof pregnant woman is installed " sale.

The boss that has a store tells a reporter, their home sells radiation-proof pregnant woman outfit is earlier, before two years this still is characteristic, nevertheless everybody began to sell this year. "Only wealthy talented person was bought in the past, be pregnant now want to buy, the doctor of women and children also can be recommended wear. The doctor of women and children also can be recommended wear..

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