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Is pregnant woman outfit radiation-proof should also divide space?
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A lot of " accurate mom " the little baby that fears oneself were not born can get electromagnetic wave radiate, bring an influence to healthy growth. Confront the pregnant woman of a lot of brand on market radiation-proof take, pregnant woman people also have doubt, can the radiation-proof dress with these various breed have the effect that publicizes to the businessman really? Consumer Ms. Wu is the closest because buy radiation-proof take derivative consumptive dispute.

Accurate mom Ms. Wu works in a trading company, often want to wait for office equipment to computer, printer, scanner. Considering the health of little baby, ms. Wu decision should be bought radiation-proof take. On Feburary 11, ms. Wu issues some store choose and buy in marital company. Salesman is very enthusiastic, introduce in detail to Ms. Wu. Call this pregnant woman of monopolistic brand radiation-proof outfit radiation-proof capability is very strong, sell first-rately. Let Ms. Wu again selling machine of field hatchet man the test, handle machine is put in pocket of pregnant woman outfit, the husband dialed number, the mobile phone did not ring as expected. The effect that Ms. Wu sees outfit of this pregnant woman is radiation-proof is so good, did not hesitate too much, spent 569 yuan to buy.

After coming home, ms. Wu is very glad, the pregnant woman that demonstrates oneself to be bought newly to parents installs the effect how good. The mobile phone is put after pregnant woman holds a bag, ms. Wu lets the husband dial a telephone, but make a person,strange thing appeared, the mobile phone rang actually! Selling obviously when the experiment crosses what do not ring, how was recapture home used without giving thought to?

Ms. Wu felt to be deceived, to disappear of sanded bayou area assist complain, disappear assist contact bazaar shop in time. Shop weighs him and can radiation-proof without acceptance to what degree, as to why after the radiation-proof pregnant woman of Ms. Wu holds recapture home, the mobile phone is put in the pocket to ring all the same, the responsibility that is not shop, because of when be being bought at that time, also experimenting before the face of consumer is not noisy. Disappear assist think, shop operator is irresponsible to the manner of consumer, although the country installs kind of product to set without relevant quality to radiation-proof pregnant woman, also do not have the uniform standard of industry, but the fact proves now, the pregnant woman outfit that Ms. Wu place buys does not have the radiation-proof function that shop place publicizes, as to why selling experiment of the mobile phone when field to be done not have noisy, cannot eliminate to sell the likelihood inside field building to be put in the influence such as other magnetic field or screen, should not let consumer individual assume responsibility. Unship is coordinated in disappear, bazaar is Ms. Wu refund finally.

Relevant clew: According to introducing, pregnant woman optimal prevents even if be far from radiation source. Outfit of radiation-proof pregnant woman just acquired on the design a few radiation-proof raw material, it just undertakes disturbing to the electromagnetic wave all round pregnant woman, and radiation-proof ability should differ far to the distance tall frequency electromagnetic wave a few. Choice commodity must understand the function of this commodity, utility, period of efficacy first, want all-around understanding is clear, do not think price is high, commodity performance is good, the effect is good, want to accomplish know fairly well, buying the thing that suits oneself just is correct.
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