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Is outfit of radiation-proof pregnant woman radiation-proof?
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Outfit of radiation-proof pregnant woman is in mobile phone of screen of inn internal energy, after coming home however cannot, backward and industrial and commercial branch complains consumer doubt.

Consumer Chen Lin is complained say, because she often contacts computer, scanner to wait, for fetal health, want to buy a radiation-proof pregnant woman to take. To Hong Shan baby of street mouth pregnant tastes a street to go up, the shop of good treasure calls in, counterjumper says, kind of pregnant woman is taken but radiation-proof, still go to mobile phone bag inside the dress, when making a mobile telephone again, mobile phone if really did not ring. Because modal color is improper, did not buy.

Chen Lin comes to lane of darling pregnant baby again, the clerk also says to have but radiation-proof dress, she does not have redo experiment, with respect to the flower 368 yuan bought a pattern good-looking. Come home when demonstrating, the mobile phone rang however.

Hong Shan is industrial and commercial place personnel takes the clothes of two inn industrial and commercial place, wrap begin machine to try respectively, of good treasure inn not noisy, the noise of lane of darling pregnant baby. Hind classics mediation, lane of darling pregnant baby let a client be bought in this inn with value product.

Occupy industrial and commercial personnel to be investigated yesterday, make the mobile phone added tinsel inside not noisy dress, if tinsel became little, cannot signal of effective screen mobile phone, the mobile phone can ring. There are a lot of electromagnetism radiate, radiates such as X ray in the life, general dress is prevented very hard completely. Although can prevent mobile phone radiate, the place such as collarband cuff also has flaw. Add at present the country does not have pregnant woman radiation-proof the level that take, it is manufacturer standard, can prevent how many radiate after all, everybody says not clear. Accordingly, warn a citizen, buy this kind of dress to want discretion.

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