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The expert says pregnant woman is radiation-proof take be not close not leak
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In recent years, a kind of special dress goes in pregnant woman midstream, that is radiation-proof dress. This kind of dress can be allegedly effective radiation-proof, protect accurate mom thereby the darling in abdomen does not suffer harm. Although this is planted,the price of dress compares common dress tower above a lot of, but still sell like hot cakes. Radiation-proof take effective really?

Radiation-proof take popular the market

Because show acting office more and more cannot leave computer, accordingly, a lot of accurate mom choose to wear radiation-proof dress to keep out computer radiate. Be fond of besides accurate mom outside buying radiation-proof clothing, female of a few professions also became the epigone of this kind of dress.

On April 4 afternoon, the reporter visited market of a few large general merchandise and pregnant baby shop. In shop of things of some market pregnant woman, the reporter sees, sundry radiation-proof dress is filled up with bar, have a plenty of abdomen to wrap up type, have a plenty of type of skirt with shoulder-straps, have a plenty of waists-coat type, have a plenty of apron type. Color of most radiation-proof dress is bright-coloured and beautiful, dress material is more frivolous also; For relatively common dress, the price of these radiation-proof dress is higher, from 200 multivariate to 900 multivariate have. Ms. Huang that works in the institution is a money meeting personnel, work at ordinary times cannot leave computer. To prevent computer radiate, she did not expend scheming less, it is the computer mount that gives oneself first radiation-proof screen, listen to a person to say result of radiation-proof screen it doesn't matter later, she was spent again 300 multivariate bought a radiation-proof clothes, when going to work everyday, cover go up in the body. "No matter computer radiate is right still to the skin the body has a harm, want to face computer everyday so like me, still do more some be on guard labor has served as. " class young lady is laughing to say, very much now radiation-proof dress is done very beautifully also vogue, put on also do not feel what to have bad.

Salesman spot does a test

Before the radiation-proof dress bar of a bazaar on the ave that predict Kui, although " radiation-proof pregnant woman is installed " price tower above is common pregnant woman outfit is very severalfold, many accurate mom also are sciolistic to radiation knowledge, but still be happy to buy radiation-proof pregnant woman outfit. Say to want to buy clothing of a radiate to her person when the reporter when, salesman ceaselessly agitate reporter buys. She tells a reporter, the outfit of radiation-proof pregnant woman that sells on the market at present has 3 kinds probably: One kind is film, one kind is tinsel blending goods, still one is plant is new those who roll out " fiber is silver-gilt " radiation-proof dress. Salesman says, advocate prepotent actor Yo now, every basically are a little baby, so special be willing to part with or use spends money, resemble her this bar, should sell on 78 everyday radiation-proof take, and a lot of pregnant woman are carried technically still buy expensively.
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