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Vitreous film is spruce sell Chinese market
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The glass that American brightness vacates international industry group pastes velar product with its good energy-saving be welcomed with safety performance by our country consumer.

American brightness vacates international industry group is the whole world new-style building materials is famous enterprise, devote oneself to the research of product of new-style building materials, development, and innovate in technology of energy-saving environmental protection the domain is successful. The heat insulation that its produce, explosion proof, ballproof, radiation-proof, defend wait for functional glass to stick film to apply extensively at office building of dweller residence, business affairs eaves etc is communal building, and the car defends, computer prevents the domain such as adornment of hairdressing of spoke, mobile phone, product already now focus:

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Passed the IS09001 attestation of BSI, it is the world core of film of function of 3 big glass makes a firm. American brightness vacates international industry group to regard institute of film of IWFA international window as main member, film of function of its series glass produces per year quantity and sales volume to holding global glass to stick film year total output the portion of 42% . In the meantime, american brightness vacates international to regard the whole world as high grade glass the supplier that stick film, brightness vacate having the globalization that precedes at the person of the same trade's research and development, production, sale promotion is an organic whole to run a system. Up to 2006, brightness vacate year of sale of series glass film to already exceeded 6 billion square foot, and with annual 1 billion square foot demand quickness is outspread, have sun film to produce rice of technology, Nai at present plating of concentrated gush plating, gush of rice of accept of pottery and porcelain, magnetism accuses to splash shoot the advanced technique such as plated film.

2005, brightness the business network that vacates international to rely on early days to be built in China, through comprehensive market survey, accredit Beijing luck is strange brightness vacate limited company of science and technology, take over American brightness to vacate international industry group to reach southeast Asia business in China. Brightness after vacating glass to stick film to enter Chinese market, favor by consumer. Brightness the wide application that soars glass to stick film is main profit from oneself is good stereo change quality dominant position and exact functional fixed position, depending on good energy-saving quality, will energy-saving fall the fixed position of main attack direction of bad news controls most weak link in the sources of energy at modern building -- structure of glass is energy-saving of function rise on.
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