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Equipment of golden pig darling sells sprucely pregnant woman dress sells goods
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The hospital is busy, fire of lunar elder brother's wife. Things of milk powder, baby with golden pig " darling is wet " relevant equipment is making the hottest goods.

Milk powder paper diaper most sell like hot cakes

The reporter visited the much home supermarket such as Le Fu of new century, home yesterday, the assistant tells a reporter without an other place, milk powder sales volume is very good all the time since this year, suffer consumer to chase after hold in both hands suckle

"A minute of money a minute of goods, homebred baby milk powder sells instead here do not move, darling Yue Xiaoyue buys famous brand. " assistant of zone of new century milk powder expresses, elegant earth up the sales volume that waits for a week of entrance brand milk powder to be in 30 thousand yuan of above, and homebred milk powder although the price wants some lower, but bought person is gotten less much.

Look at allowed " golden pig " business chance, the brand shop of things of management baby of streets and lanes also increased recently a lot of. 7 stars hillock merchant of young things inn says a baby, before the business is compared really this year a few years good, from last year the end of the year begins, the sale in inn presents ascendant state, the market demand of diaper of milk powder, paper especially big.

Pregnant woman dress sells to stop money

Milk powder sells fire, pregnant woman dress is likewise popular. Yesterday, the reporter is in face river door brand shop of outfit of a pregnant woman sees, a few accurate mom are choosing radiation-proof pregnant woman to take. A plum lady says: "I do a design, the job cannot leave computer, for darling, spent 600 multivariate bought outfit of two radiation-proof pregnant woman. No matter use,also do not know a canal, pursue a psychology comfort. "

Merchant tells a reporter feeling pleasedly, radiation-proof pregnant woman is taken the cheapest should 200 multivariate, more than 1000 expensive yuan. Dan Congchun section rises, this kind of pregnant woman is taken all the time very close spruce, the new fund that just appeared on the market sells goods even.

Another pregnant woman installs the boss of brand shop to also express, hold in the palm " golden pig darling " blessing, a day of pregnant woman is taken now can sell 56, sale rose nearly 5 into. He says, as weather turn gradually warm, predict 4, controlled May, pregnant woman outfit still will greet climax of a purchase and sale.

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