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"Jun Xin " radiation-proof dress cannot screen radiate
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Yesterday, consumer Ms. Liu is mirrorred to our newspaper, she is in " world of dress of Jun Xinyun Fu " bought radiation-proof pregnant woman contains quality problem.

Ms. Liu says: "Before a few days, the friend tells me this kind of radiation-proof dress, if use mobile phone of dress wrap up and TV remote controller, the invalidation that can make, with respect to should basic qualification, did not achieve radiation-proof result otherwise, I tried that day, discovery does not have effect. " then, ms. Liu was taking outfit of that radiation-proof pregnant woman to find this brand shop. Young lady of king of this store clerk expresses, this kind of radiation-proof pregnant woman is installed, part of silver-colored fiber of rice of a kind of accept is contained in cloth, likelihood content of that dress place is not high, have some of radiate so cannot complete screen. Below the reporter's harmony, brand shop side Ms. Liu changed to pass all radiation-proof outfit of detected radiation-proof pregnant woman. (Hu Wenchun)

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