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The mobile phone is becoming healthy killer
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As the development of technology of radio news report, the person of use mobile phone is increasing, and the relevant and healthy issue that the mobile phone brings also caused people more attention. The radiate of the mobile phone has to human body after all how old harm, how to fall the degree of the harm to lowermost limit, become the topic that people cares most. How to measure level of mobile phone radiation? Measuring level of mobile phone radiant is SAR, it is to point to inside unit time, the electromagnetic wave energy that unit quality place draws, express normally with every kilograms of wattage. As we have learned, at present the SAR value of most mobile phone on the market is in 0.5 to 1 between. When SAR maximum happens at the mobile phone to dial, value of the SAR after the mobile phone puts through decreases acute. Accordingly, if construction of infrastructure of mobile communication network reachs the designated position, program in the right way, radiate of the mobile phone when mobile phone user communicates will reach SAR maximum rarely. From the point of the angle of emissive power, all sorts of mobile phone cardinal principle are over a level, general GSM mobile phone most high-power is 2W, general CDMA mobile phone most high-power is 1W. And the critical factor that the far and near of human body of distance of electromagnetism radiate source becomes decision SAR to be worth size, every are close to human body of emission source distance 1 millimeter, SAR value can increase a lot of. Accordingly, all sorts of mobile phone manufacturers improve the work in what make this field hard, strive to make mobile phone antenna leaves human body further to had been jumped over. Whether does mobile phone radiate endanger human body health? It is reported, the radiate of mobile phone electromagnetism that the international cancer research organization of subordinate of World Health Organization is undertaking one has 13 countries to participate in and the international that person head organizes a relation study, result hopeful is announced inside year. Whether does mobile phone radiate endanger human body health, existing to argue all the time. Mobile phone manufacturer and telegraphic expert think use mobile phone is harmless almost consistently, and home of great majority biologist, medicine, environmental protection learns an expert to think use mobile phone endangers human health however. Before this, a few relevant experiments differ as a result of the design, the result is obtained hard consistent. Experiment of wh some of which thinks, radiate of mobile phone electromagnetism can cause bosom of neurasthenic, heart-throb frowsty, giddy dazzled, spirit is depressed wait for disease, cause cerebral ministry tumor possibly even, endanger fecundity, cause fetal deformation. Harms of a lot of radiant of national adversary machine are " Ning Xinji have, do not believe its not to have " . British government proclaimed in writing prohibits 16 years old the following minor uses a mobile phone. A neurology expert of American that the name is Christopher Newmann to forensic to lodge a complaint, 9 companies such as requirement Motolora compensate for his 800 million dollar, reason is his use mobile phone got malignant brain tumor. Hit a mobile phone to be endangered to the person on board very big, harm of machine of the hatchet man on older car is greater. Urban office worker can be in commonly commute receive in the road that take a car listen to a mobile phone, because railroad car is metallic crust, so many mobile phone electromagnetic wave is reflexed back and forth inside the car. These electromagnetic wave density exceed international safety level greatly, affected everybody's health badly. Generally speaking, the radiate when the mobile phone bides his time is lesser, the radiate when communicating is a few bigger, and had dialed in mobile phone number when having notting put through, radiation quantity is when biding one's time 3 times the left and right sides. These radiate change human body organization likely, cause adverse effect to human body health. According to association of Chinese interior decoration indoor environment monitors working committee comrade to introduce, mobile phone radiate is bigger to head harm of the person, it can create functional sex obstacle to central nervous system of the person, cause the symptom such as a painful, dazed, insomnia, much dream and lose one's hair, some people are facial still can have exciting feeling. Be in the United States and Japan, already many suspicion cause the case of brain tumor because of mobile phone radiate. Europe prevents the report of a research that cancerous magazine place publishs to also point out, the opportunity that uses the person of the mobile phone for a long time to have brain tumor compares unused person tower above 30% . The odds that use mobile phone exceeds person of 10 years to have brain tumor compares the person tower above that does not use a mobile phone 80% . Additional, electromagnetic wave radiate still can affect normal cellular metabolization, cause the metallic ion such as the Potassium inside body, calcic, natrium disorder.
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