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Modern consenescence has inducement
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Excessive drinking of smoke of be addicted toMedicine investigates discovery, the person that facial skin furrow compares the person that have smoke of be addicted to from 20 years old not to smoke is average early appear 1.5 to 3 years. The person that the woman smokes more very. Long-term excessive drinking can bring about chronic alcoholism, cause cirrhosis of gastric bowel ulcer, liver, liver cancer to wait, cause the harm of different level to the body, make a person rapid and anile. Indulge in sensual pleasures for a long timeThe doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns to think, kidney hides essence of life, be life this, kidney essence injury affects life necessarily, make the most easily person premature senility. In the abandon on sexual life, day and night is searched joyous, even prostitute of concubine go whoring, not only the likelihood catchs syphilis, AIDS, and can make kidney essence has a deficit greatly, premature and caustic of in relief deficiency of vital energy, anile, serious person meeting collapse is deadly. Mood not beautifulAny undesirable moods, be like disappointment dejected, depressed, envious, angst, depressed, pessimistic, if long-term untangle does not leave to be able to damage health of body and mind, bring about prematurely senile. Food is undeserved Long-term food does not have the rule, be hungry full inappropriate or partiality for a particular kind of food are hot, a variety of vitamins in vegetable absorb an amount insufficient, with respect to meeting influence human body physiology metabolizes, accelerate anile process thereby. Lack moves "Life depends on motion. " hold to proper motion for a long time, if hit shadowboxing, do strong and handsome hold, swim, deep breathing of ran, early morning, take a walk, skip, play a ball game etc, can enhance airframe function, make muscle becomes stronger, more be full of opportunity of survival and vigor. Loneliness leaves otherConjugal love of husband and wife but macrobian. Widower, widow is alone, often sigh oneself from Bei. Mentally bears great anguish, pressure, produce the consenescence of mentally can prematurely, if expression is chill, world-weary and self-abased. Noise pollution Noise enroach on suffers in urban resident heavier, the process of noise pollution also is a kind of of the person chronic and toxic process actually, especially of the person neurological as toxic as respiratory system the most apparent, can cause person insomnia, be agitated, cough, bosom frowsty, bosom is painful etc. Long watch TV Watch TV for long, watch great color television especially, radiation can cause skin pigment ad cool-headed, occurrence fleck, insomnia, much dream, impatient wait. Day of with the passing of time is long, the constitution drops, immune function can be damaged, with respect to easy head cold, neurasthenic, gastric bowel disease, bring about consenescence.

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