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Ministry of Public Health is reported radiative sanitation controlled the countr
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Ministry of Public Health was reported recently radiative sanitation controlled the country mainly 2005 examination circumstance, check in all " law of occupational disease prevention and cure " since carrying out, build, rebuild, harm of extend radioactivity occupational disease builds a project (medicine of flaw detection of irradiation treatment, γ , radiative cure, nucleus, nuclear installation) 1487, examine radiative job unit (orgnaization of flaw detection of irradiation treatment, γ , radiative diagnosis and treatment) 30990. The bulletin says, in what checking 1487 radioactivity occupational disease to endanger construction project, occupational disease harm evaluates examine and verify of service of report classics sanitation beforehand 1096, examine rate for 73.7% ; Radiative safeguard checks and accept 1077 via wholesome service after complete, examine rate for 72.4% , overall in finished state is better. Various and wholesome service should increase what serve an orgnaization to the technology to supervise an examination at the same time, normative technology serves the behavior of the orgnaization, assure to build a project the success that radiative profession sanitation investigates the work. The bulletin points out, supervisory examination and break the law investigate strength to have very big rise, examination unit number and condemnatory unit number were 2004 respectively 1.6 times, 1.5 times. In what examining unit of 30990 radiative jobs, should finish quality to control or radiate defend detected radiation device 41675, had finished 31718, verification and measurement ratio is 76.1% . Investigate 2101 illegal units in all, 6.8% what occupy place to check 30990. Among them, deadline rectifies and reform 1094, warn 586, fine 379 (amerce amount one million five hundred and thirty thousand six hundred and sixty-nine yuan. The bulletin points out, the individual dosage rate that monitor and radiative defend groom rate still inferior. A total of personnel of radiative work field work 92073, adorn 64939 of individual dosimeter, adorn rate for 70.5% ; The radiative staff member that should reach lash-up condition to fall to enter area of radiative shop control deploys individual dosage to call the police appearance or the unit number that hold dosimeter are 2263, deploy an unit actually to count 1210, deploy rate for 53.5% . The radiative working personnel that had completed professional checkup 2004 68353, rate getting check is 80.0% ; Among them, flaw detection of industry of irradiation treatment unit, γ is respectively 93.8% , 87.1% , radiative diagnose, medicine of radiative cure, nucleus is respectively 79.6% , 78.7% , 81.5% . Finish radiative sanitation to defend groomed radiative staff member 60478, groom rate for 74.0% ; Among them, flaw detection of industry of irradiation treatment, γ is respectively 81.0% , 68.1% , of unit of radiative diagnosis and treatment radiative diagnose, radiative cure and nuclear medicine are respectively 75.0% , , 66.9% , 66.5% . Ministry of Public Health asks each district should increase what monitor to individual dosage to supervise an examination, want the technical program that normative individual dosage monitors at the same time. Additional, should increase call the police to configuring individual dosage appearance or hold dosimeter the supervisory examination strength of radiative job unit, cogent raise plant layout rate. The radiative sanitation that is in charge of leader, radiative staff member to radiative job unit defends grooming is the important step that prevents radiative profession harm, in supervising the work daily, supervisory branch of each district sanitation should be increased right relevant groom examination strength of the job, cogent rise groom lead and groom quality.

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