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Live in 6 big pollution to answer whole strategy to return your healthy home
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Pollute the Chun Xia with severe dry weather to make season, how can you decorate a healthy and clean household space? Besides environmental protection holds in decorating a process besides, ferial the attention also should be added more in the life in. Our market offer the likelihood is accompanied decorate, furniture, things and office equipment sneak away etc the 6 big contaminant that take a door, the harm that brings the channel that invades them possibly, possibly and the method that drive away them tell you. A contaminant: Benzene (include benzene, toluene, xylene, benzene and Bi) Origin and existence: Benzene department owner wants consist in in the chemical product such as paint, coating, emulsioni paint and those who contain benzene is of all kinds decorate complementary makings. To healthy harm: Benzene ties thing by after human body is inspiratory, can appear action of anaesthesia of central nervous system; Can control function of human body hematopoiesis, aplastic anemia sicken leads heighten; Still can bring about fetal congenital blemish to wait. National level: " control of pollution of condition of core of civil building room is normative " in Ⅰ of formulary benzene content kind with Ⅱ kind civil construction project all needs ≤ 0.09 milligram / stere. Answer strategy: Must choose to accord with the adornment material of national level, especially sticky agent of paint, coating, glue and waterproof, had better choose lacquer of carpentry of ability in swimming. Benzene department other people volatilizes faster, after decorating, keep good and ventilated, enter all right again after unused a few months can. Best contact major is interior before be being entered the environment detects the orgnaization detects benzene department other people pollutes degree. 2 contaminant: Formaldehyde Origin and existence: The cement metope that adds the agent that decrease water can join formaldehyde normally, become the main source that formaldehyde pollutes. Beaverboard of the plywood in furniture and ambry material, density, particieboard... the formaldehyde when receiving hot, moisture can be released. Felt of agent of unqualified coating and emulsioni paint, stick together, fabric, ground is the origin that formaldehyde releases etc. To healthy harm: Formaldehyde and benzene are the two big important contaminant that bring about leukaemia. Contact small dose formaldehyde for a long time to be able to cause disease of chronic respiratory tract, cause cancer, leukaemia, children and pregnant woman are right formaldehyde particularly sensitive. National level: " control of pollution of condition of core of civil building room is normative " in formulary formaldehyde content is Ⅰ kind civil construction project needs ≤ 0.08 milligram / stere, Ⅱ kind civil construction project needs ≤ 0.12 milligram / stere. Answer strategy: The user can buy formaldehyde to detect the agent is thick judge indoor formaldehyde to pollute a state, go easily simply. If detect the result is doubtful, should instantly contact major orgnaization detects formaldehyde pollutes degree, take processing step; Decorate anthology formaldehyde pollution can be caused with respect to need consideration when expecting, after decorating best and ventilated 3 months are entered all right again to hind of half an year. Besides, as far as possible many window is ventilated, be like conditional, install new fan.
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