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Chain drugstore crosses a province to manage: Of travel at double speed of a par
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At the beginning of 2006, headquarters is set in the drugstore of Neptune celestial bodies of Shenzhen, in enter Shandong to save Qingdao city medicines and chemical reagents retail market after 4 months, owned store of 6 straight battalion. And before this, neptune celestial bodies already opened store of 60 more than door in Wei lane city, talking about a city, east battalion city completed overall arrangement, will be in next rich of Jinan, Zi two ground set up shop. As we have learned, neptune day is at present initial already completed the network overall arrangement in domestic key market, inn of 1115 straight battalion pervades " bead trigonometry " , " long triangle " wait for 10 cities of countrywide and area. However, from August 2000 relevant section announces the country the first batch of medicines and chemical reagents are retail cross a province to interlink pilot company list up to now nearly 6 years of time, our discovery resembles Neptune day such " consolidate step by step, layer upon layer advance " extend the market belong to rare, retail business is in most medicines and chemical reagents to hesitate to move forward from door mouth, sortie is provincial little little. Be what let this paragraph of route that crosses a province become after all " bitter brigade " ? Manage the talent's confine 2005 in year, the branch of Chengdu of some chain drugstore that headquarters sets in Beijing is in operation closes after two years close a business. Occupy the personage inside Chengdu drug retail trade to divulge, because relevant reform is advanced,mix deep quite reach the designated position, chengdu in last few years retail market share adds drug force is powerful, already amounted to many yuan 50 every year, and the strong drugstore brand that place has not form forestall sex. But this chain drugstore that will to south extend territory from north fails of a market " profit is good " change becomes reality medium " profit is good " , 78 doors must abandon after propping up two years inn and already some brand force. Refer withdraws the account of city, mr Li analysis says the director of drugstore of a monomer of local, this drugstore manages existence problem: The drugstore on the side is early 8 when begin 30 minutes to do business, and their gate returns lock to wear to 9 o'clock; Inside inn besides medicines and chemical reagents, health care is tasted, medical apparatus and instruments, individual nurses article little little, basic commodity combination does not reach the designated position, more Huang manages by efficient category. In addition " inn hall is displayed old old, counterjumper is dejected... " plum the doubt that the word of the manager spoke a lot of people: Why does illustrious and famous drugstore arrive in matrix Chengdu " does barren antrum go board " ? Hall of Beijing fine thing interlinks calm down of Xue of limited company vise general manager to say, once the explicit and adverse environment such as protection of policy camp, place exists admittedly, but the critical factor that already was not an influence to interlink drugstore to cross a province to manage. Kuang Yuexi of minister of ministry of promotion of brand of company of chain of big drugstore of Hunan common people also calm old, although ever produced place to travel together,cosignatory submit a written statement to a higher authority is boycotted " common people " thing, but, make a comprehensive view " common people " 12 provinces that already stopped, city, most place policy is very liberal, "Public relations " the respect already did not have obstruction basically, important is the system accuses to whether be perfected inside the enterprise. Last year, "Common people " close two store repeatedly in Shandong, the problem depends on optional location failing, this also is made directly " common people " next great strength make set up shop evaluate flow afresh. The personage inside many course of study still depicted drugstore of a few chain to cross the current situation that the province manages to the reporter: The general manager official business that interlinks a firm is busy, be too busy the management detail of inn of door of other place of detailed bother about; The branch manager outside be stationed in never also is reported actively to superior, annual report was become " mothering " , after spending carefree vacation, consider oneself return oneself provincial continue to do " Feng Jiang old official " . Violate headquarters to stipulate privately undertakes purchasing as to the branch, raise sales revenue the its nature that stay also with respect to common occurance. In addition, the bottleneck that perplexes the chain that cross a province still has " person " element. Last year in Feburary, branch of Beijing of company of chain of drugstore of happy National People's Congress establishs Jiangxi, calculate on wave of general manager Gong, enter capital at that time have two people only, drew on the first batch of people till the ability when new store opens business after 3 months. Beijing gold interlinks company president Xu Jun to also be like big chemist's shop " person " place is tired, "The administrative person with ability with mature headquarters had been used to the life of Beijing, the clique is differred to branch stability outside, firewood proposes a toast cost also raises relatively; Pattern of the culture of the talent of local invite applications for a job and company, management cannot is opposite smoothly again receive. In do not have headquarters monitoring or scanty fall at the circumstance of monitoring, the clique outside imagining very hard or invited governor can have 100 percent executive power. And once management does not reach the designated position, the integral figure of the enterprise can be damaged. "
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