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Radiation-proof take 99.99% radiation-proof? Authoritative: Housing form Liao ga
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Radiation-proof the function that serve is different because of fabrics

Already had pregnancy of two many months, hear of Ms. Jiang that does mom to accurate mom cannot contact any electric home appliances  Reporter discovery

Radiation-proof dress price is high good sell

The reporter visited a capital store of clothing of each old pregnant woman, drugstore, discover more than 10 brands are radiation-proof take selling, the sale is prosperous.

The reporter investigates discovery, radiation-proof take basically outfit of abdomen bag, apron, pregnant woman waits; Radiation-proof fabrics basically is blending of radiation-proof coating, metallic fiber (blend extremely thin metallic fiber and cotton knit together) etc. The price differs to 1000 yuan from 200 yuan. Among them, defend partly model wrap up type for abdomen, the price is in 100 yuan - 900 yuan between, defend completely model is more take sleeve or do not have sleeve jacket, the price basically is in 500 yuan - 1000 yuan between.

The controller of a bazaar introduces: "The lady that is pregnant this year is particularly much, do not see the value expensive, can sell everyday give a few, was last year the double above of the corresponding period. " but reporter immediately interviewed a few consumer, all express to be opposite radiation-proof the effect that take does not understand, more not be clear about is effective fruit, it is to be being held in the arms " used always compare need not good " state of mind is bought.

  The spot checks

The mobile phone is usable will detect the dress

Radiation-proof dress brand shop offers in, the reporter sees some brand is radiation-proof write on the manual that pregnant woman takes a product: The product has the function such as screen of special radiation-proof, electromagnetic wave, its screen function can amount to 70 ~ 90 d B, to electromagnetic wave hold back rate can achieve 99.9999998 % , achieve international advanced level.

Hear the reporter wants to be bought to the friend radiation-proof take, the member that sell says: "Most radiation-proof outfit is in knitting tinsel fabrics, through the metal reflection holds off electromagnetism radiate, the effect is first-rate, but whether can achieve 99.9999998 % , I but dare not assure. " subsequently, the member that sell still drew out a mobile phone to experiment on the spot, in radiation-proof outfit hold back below, the reporter sees, the 5 case signal of the mobile phone reduced one standard as expected.
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