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Outfit of radiation-proof pregnant woman is prevented got radiation
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This year is a baby boom year, to prevent an abdomen in fetal the effect that suffers radiation source, a few " accurate mom " radiation-proof to what sell on the market dress " have a special liking " , but these radiation-proof dress can have much big effect after all, how to check radiation-proof take the effect, most consumer is water of a mist. Express to this expert, pregnant woman outfit is radiation-proof without authoritative attestation, environmental protection dress urgently national level.

Price of outfit of radiation-proof pregnant woman is high good sell

In much home author of bazaar and brand shop of Fu baby things sees, dress of many brand pregnant woman rolled out radiation-proof series. Compare with photograph of 229 yuan dress of average pregnant woman, the price some that radiation-proof pregnant woman installs is as high as every 779 yuan even 1000 yuan of above, be common dress 2 to 3 times.

Introduce according to salesperson of a bazaar, the pregnant woman that sells on the market at present installs haply cent to plant: A kind of radiation-proof pregnant woman that is film is installed, one kind is radiation-proof pregnant woman assembles tinsel blending product, still one is plant is new those who roll out " fiber is silver-gilt " radiation-proof take. The controller of a bazaar introduces: "The lady that is pregnant this year is particularly much, do not see the value expensive, can sell everyday give a few, was last year the double above of the corresponding period. Was last year the double above of the corresponding period..

The mobile phone was become detect tool

Salesperson of a bazaar expresses, these their dress are radiation-proof the effect is first-rate, suit pregnant woman dress especially. True can radiation-proof? The author seeks advice from a salesperson in inn of things of baby of a pregnant when, a salesperson did a little test: She puts the mobile phone in a radiation-proof dress, after passing a few seconds, dial a mobile telephone, cannot put through as expected. "Mobile phone signal can screen, affirmation can be radiation-proof. " the salesperson says.

National level has not come on stage

"Electromagnetism radiate should achieve 100 millivolt above to just cause a harm to human body, what cannot the radiate of computer, TV, mobile phone calculate at all. " some hospital is radiative division Doctor Yin Zudong thinks, the personnel that in electromagnetism radiate intensity only taller place works just needs to take radiation-proof step, for example TV station emissive tower. Nevertheless, accurate mom the idea of precautions averts perils is understandable also. Shade doctor expresses, if pregnant woman people want to install beg a heart, buy radiation-proof take wear wear also just as well.

Ever the citizen calls seek advice from radiation-proof dress can radiation-proof problem, but at present uniform standard has not publish the country of radiation-proof outfit, the market was offerred to the businessman wantonly apply colours to a drawing is radiation-proof the empty shelves of product effect, and consumer cannot discern bad of true bogus actor. Accordingly, the staff member of qualitative check bureau warns customer, need not produce scared psychology to electromagnetism radiate, need sharpen one's eyes more to radiation-proof hype of the businessman.
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