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Gather together the darling that conceive a pig is radiation-proof take popular
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Chinese network news (Hua Shixin of Liu Jiawei of reporter Xu Xiaoming's trainee's reporter) latter, the radiation-proof series dress inside terminal market of Han Zhengjie dress is popular all the more.

Yesterday, the reporter installs a zone to see in pregnant woman of store of Han Zhengjie much happiness, come round to buy radiation-proof the pregnant woman that take and the shopkeeper that make money are not little. The reporter understands, radiation-proof series dress includes vest, abdomen to wrap up two kinds of big 10 many breed, trade price is in more 150 yuan of ~500 yuan between. A few merchant say, their week should receive several order.

The boss Zheng Bin of wholesale shop introduces dress of house of Ma continuous heavy rain, choose a pig year unripe " pig darling " husband and wife is more, drove the sale of radiation-proof series dress.

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