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Lifestyle is insalubrious serious illness is invaded ahead of schedule
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Core clew Of print and distribute of not long ago of the State Council " action of quality of science of the whole people plans compendium (2006-2010-2020 year) " point out, standard of quality of science of our country citizen and developed country photograph are very older than difference. Level of citizen science quality is low, already became one of bottleneck that restrict progress of our country economy and social progress. "The lifestyle that forms science, civilized, health and working way " was 2010 one of goals that will achieve. The reporter was in hospital of Beijing much home recently the investigation confirm to the patient a such facts: Current the happening of a lot of diseases avoids with compatriots lack lash-up closely related the scientific accomplishment of the respect such as precaution of danger, disease, healthy life. Defray of medical treatment of a huge sum becomes the heavy burden of country and family. Face abusive, heart of Wang Long of undersecretary of Ministry of Public Health appeals, the Chinese needs " behavior revolution " . Why do they contract heavy disease personally? -- to Beijing the investigation of patient of cancer of the youth in a few hospitals recently, the reporter was visited in hospital of tumour of Chinese academy of medical sciences, Beijing assist the youth in mixing many of hospital go to a doctor is malign tumor patient, most person ever had undesirable habits and customs in them, the scientific knowledge that lacks the respect such as disease precaution, healthy life. Smoking, drink, eat the meat kind with grease kind food passes to wait for bad food habit more, the mental pressure that busy job, complex human relations brings, browbeating the health of people. 42Year old star of eminent of lung cancer patient: Need not have a meal, have to smoke Two weeks before, zhuo Xing is diagnosed to be lung cancer when check-up of Xinjiang native place. Now, he had lived in hospital of tumour of Chinese academy of medical sciences a many week. Zhuo Xing of 42 years old is a SOHO, without check-up habit, began to feel uncomfortable Autumn 2005, the weight after the Spring Festival dropped 40 jins. The wife feels very abnormal, forcing he goes check-up. "He is quite glad still at that time, continuously says he is thin. " the wife that takes beside sickbed says, "I persuade him previously, smoking is bad to the body, but he is not believed, say to need not have a meal, but have to smoke. " dinner party of eminent star deal is more, want on average to smoke 30 cigarette everyday, smoke age is close already 20 years. "He smoking takes this disease. " do not cross Zhuo Xing not so think: "This age paragraph the person worries about much. The thing in the home, thing on the job holds out give a lot of care. " really, zhuo Xing is pillar in the home, the wife also says, "Whats depend on him previously, when just knowing this outcome, I want to do not have him I also did not live. " two their children still are going to school, they know father body is bad only be in hospital, do not know father got what disease after all. Zhuo Xing says: "Regret now already late. " Chen Bin is person of division of custom of Heibei province hill, he was sufferred from to have lung cancer by discovery when 41 years old in October 2003. Before diagnose, he has time of half an year to feel frowsty, bosom is fond of the bosom, cough. "Everybody did not think toward this respect, feel common the body is very good. " Chen Bin sits on sickbed to say, "Till haemoptysis, just realizing is to fall ill really, should go looking " . Be in assist after be lung cancer with hospital diagnose, chen Bin did not become an operation, change cure directly. "I am very lucky, the bump after changing cure for the first time was done not have. " in treating a process, chen Bin realized he has a lot of bad habits. In 20 years of time before fish lung cancer, chen Bin should smoke many 30 cigarette everyday. He drinks not to have a meal only is often thing. Breakfast does not eat, 3 eat not the rule also is commonplace. Often stay up late, it is for the job sometimes, it is to hit mahjong sometimes. "Now, smoke was not smoked, wine was not drunk, work and rest has the law, notice tie-in food. " Chen Bin says.
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