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Green Tibet railroad created downy medicine miracle
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Span the green Tibet railroad of world ridge of a house, in its last a period of time in construction of several years, the railroad builder of tens of thousands of is in Gao Han's special and anoxic, harsh environment, realized SARS " 0 happen " , the plague world " 0 transmission " , downy disease " 0 death " , in assure to build while the project is finished smoothly, its life health got be ensuringed effectively. This was to create the miracle of downy medicine by assist of expert of medicine of China and foreign countries. Be about to try the blueness that move to hide railroad at debutting on July 1 (case is pulled paragraph) full-length 1142 kilometers, from Qinghai blueness of edge of city of wood of the Er that visit division hides the travel austral highway, cross Tang Gu to hike mountain, reach city of Lhasa of the Xizang Autonomous Region, it is world height above sea level the downy railroad with highest, the longest line. All fronts altitude occupies 80% above in a sector of an area of 4000 meters of above, serious and gas depress, anoxic, Gao Han, dry, ultraviolet ray is strong, drinking water of many a sector of an area are lacked and be in ground of source of epidemic disease of the plague nature. The environment with special Qinghai-Tibet Platean, ability of healthy to human body, labor and the success that railroad builds brought great challenge. According to statistic, the in building a course rescue that blueness hides railroad to be in more than 4 years and treated on lobar oedema, head oedema 1000, die without one person. Qinghai-Tibet Platean is research of world downy medicine " natural experiment field " . John Wister of professor of department of medicine of university of American California Santiago is in highland of the 6th international says on medical congress: "The blueness that can rival with Great Wall photograph of China hides railroad project, it is the enormous challenge of pair of downy medicine, downy disease 0 mortality are a miracle. " cure of highland of assistant dean of Qinghai college of medicine, international learns standing director Professor Gerili says: "Because adopted integrated downy ill precaution, remedy, the tens of thousands of blueness that comes from area of low height above sea level hides railroad builder, without one person dead Yu Gaohai unplugs the acute highland with relatively common area is ill, this has to say is a miracle. " it is reported, the wholesome safeguard job of green Tibet railroad absorbed the research achievement of domestic and international downy medicine adequately, drew lessons from blueness to hide railroad on the west case paragraph and the practice experience that sanitation of cop of green Tibet highway, oil ensures. Through the appraisal of domestic famous expert and downy medicine worker, combine formulate and allotted " sanitation of green Tibet railroad ensures a certain number of regulations " , " sanitation of green Tibet railroad ensures measure " and disease of a series of highland of prevention and cure and the regulations system that prevent the plague, SARS, make all fronts sanitation ensures the job to have Zhang Ke abide, orderly undertake. The ego that builds staff to increase and raise each ginseng defends consciousness and ability, compiled and print " sanitation of green Tibet railroad prevents ill health to teach manual " , accomplish hand copy. Blueness hides two provinces area and railway ministry to send building site of development of group of expert medical treatment to hold respectively groom class, the system is tuitional highland of prevention and cure is ill clinical diagnose, emergency treatment and remedial principle, and the knowledge that prevents the respect such as the plague, SARS. Relied on total hospital of hospital of railroad of case Er wood and the Xizang Autonomous Region to build rear cure center. All fronts is built 3 class medical treatment ensures a net, formed can the network system of heavy patient of danger of fast, seasonable, effective cure. Fastigium enters the court medical personnel 680 people, achieve 1.88% above with the scale of construction personnel. Report of analyzer of courage and uprightness, biochemistry analyzer, lung ventilator, anaesthetic machine, heart was configured to guard appearance in hospital of each building site, wait for advanced and applicable medical treatment equipment many 3900. To solve highland anoxic, installed large the station that make oxygen 15, high-pressured oxygen cabin 25, created a variety of conditions that feed oxygen, the member that hold to construction person is discontinuous suck what oxygen and field bear aerobic bottle construction to defend method, improved cure ability and labor efficiency. Insist to be with the person this, build system of have holidays by turns, rotate, downy to be in continuously job 4 months above person, should rest to area of low height above sea level 2-3 week. Affirmatory and annual 4-10 month is optimal construction period, demarcate construction personnel works everyday time does not exceed 6 hours, use mechanization operation generally, reduce labor intensity. Appropriate plans the basic necessities of life of construction personnel, extend for the worker prevent cold, prevent the protective equipment such as cap of ultraviolet radiant dress, shoe to reach fight anoxic medicaments.

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