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Second flu and armour flu has He Yi to be the same as
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People already was familiar with armour grippe, like armour 3 model flu, H5N1 send ill sex avian flu high, be familiar with second grippe not quite however. So, what similarities and differences does second flu and armour flu have? Configuration of virus of ★ armour, second flu, structure and biologic function homogeneous phase are like. Virus of the armour that departs the earliest truly flu was 1900 the virus of true sex roup that departs from gallinaceous body. The Englishman departed from inside lotion of laryngeal of human body pharynx first 1933 armour flu virus. Discovered virus of the second that differs completely with sex of antigen of armour flu virus flu again 1940. Of flu virus outer albumen of two kinds of different candy makes radiation record protuberant, namely blood coagulates element (H) with nerve ammonia acid enzymatic (N) . The antigen of flu virus mutates even if point to the change of H and N antigen structure. The antigen differentiation of armour flu virus is sharper, think 1 ~ can happen 3 years commonly, and the antigen mutation of second flu virus is very slow. If H and N produced big mutation, arose new inferior model (qualitative change) , be like 1957 H2N2 (armour 2 inferior model) , the following 1968 H3N2 (armour 3 inferior model) . There is variation likewise between second flu virus, but did not differentiate inferior model change. Current, our country has armour popularly 3 with armour two 1 inferior model poisonous individual plant, the poisonous trunk of a tree that at the same time existence has sex of two departments antigen and gene character to differ apparently in second virus. ★ armour flu often shows eruptive or small popularity, also can cause craze cosmopolitan even craze. It is in the animal (wait like chicken, turkey, goose, duck, pig, horse, camel, cat, ermine, seal, whale) distributing extensively, also can go in animal midstream, cause large quantities of animal death. Second flu shows eruptive or small popularity, do not cause cosmopolitan flu craze. Had not found it up to now the evidence in the other animal besides consist in person. The clinical symptom that place of virus of ★ armour, second flu causes is very similar, but snorty, bellyacke and symptom of gastric bowel path, second should compare armour model see more. When second flu is popular, children is average be absent from school 3 days, average a week controls rehabilitation. Although second flu is right the harm degree be not a patch on of old people armour, but no matter the youth is returned,confirming up to now is old people, the serious flu in them, cause death even, sometimes with second flu closely related. Annual 9 ~ are vaccinal in November in those days World Health Organization recommends use new flu vaccine, can prevent armour at the same time 3, armour 1 model with second flu. Medicaments prevention and cure divides Chinese herbal medicine outside, amine of alkyl of King Kong of profess to convinced the other patulin that wait or contains this drug, also have effect of prevention and cure to armour flu, invalid to second flu. And abstruse department his Wei and Libaweilin all have curative effect to armour, second flu.

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