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Guangzhou medicines and chemical reagents is retail change sadly bureau communit
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Undeniable, price war is the significant step that competes between drugstore as before. But, as competitive aggravate, the price is transparent with each passing day, the power of low begins to be changed infirmly, and the competitive method of other deep arrangement of ideas rises to surface. Recently, guangzhou drugstore begins to seek a breakthrough on industry condition in succession, guangzhou drug retail trade changes sadly accordingly bureau. "Guangzhou interlinks the proportion of drugstore to will exceed monomer drugstore first this year. " Zheng Haotao shows general manager of drugstore of Jin Kanglian lock: "In fact, include par big chemist's shop inside all sorts of industry condition are undertaking thinking over, in order to seek oneself optimal profit pattern. The dimensions of par big chemist's shop of on 1000 square metre begins to be done toward lis small. "Community drugstore opens closer more Recently, near field of Jiang Yong of Dong Luzhu of Guangzhou bank river one builds a village, neptune celestial bodies, big ginseng includes from time to tome together in half month forest inside 4 drugstore are garrisoned. The distance interval between every drugstore is less than 10 meters, pardonable somebody is appearance of this kind of state " close-fitting fire goes all out " . Be in of these 4 new store nearby, already two run old chemist's shop. Inside course of study the personage looks, resemble bank Jiang Donglu this village, can accommodate 2 drugstore only at most, 4 inn develop simultaneously nowadays, be afraid everybody's day is uneasy. Normally the circumstance falls, general the drugstore day turnover of 100 square metre wants to be protected in ability of 3000 yuan of above the least this. But according to such now gathering together set up shop, flow according to a day of wife most two paragraphs of time of flourishing (in the morning at 10 o'clock ~ at 11 o'clock half, afternoon at 4 o'clock half ~ at 5 o'clock half) come daily passenger flow measures estimation, these a few inn want to achieve afore-mentioned outstanding achievement not hopeful. In fact, resemble such is in on a street counting a drugstore the example of close body fight hand-to-hand is not rare. On Hua Jingxi road, drugstore of Kang Zhixuan, humanitarian, Neptune celestial bodies and university of medicine of Guangzhou traditional Chinese medical science gathered to raise on about 400 meters a section of a highway wait for 4 drugstore with drug-store. In stone card east road, also do not have 2 heaven, Jin Kang to 900 meters a section of a highway, forest and wait for 6 drugstore, and these drugstore are so-called " take par course " . Be in Guangzhou, although own the community chemist's shop of larger passenger flow not little. But, inside course of study think generally, medicines and chemical reagents is special commodity, its consume mode and daily expense general merchandise to have clear distinction, so be apart the 500 rice, drugstore span that walk 15 minutes to be able to be amounted to are optimal. Last year, greatly the mode of par advantage drugstore that ginseng forest drugstore is placement with community rises abruptly quickly, ever caused wide attention in Guangzhou person of the same trade. Community mies wife the mouth is centered, passenger source and consumptive habit are relatively stable also, make Guangzhou interlinks drugstore greatly each, begin to call a slogan that wants community course, include to walk along shopping centre to sell the common people of a course, Jin Kang greatly so among them. Guangzhou old name be good at civilian medicine also expresses even Yao Yongfang of locksmith general manager, will be in Guangzhou each canton opens store of a center, other adding drugstore newly basically is community inn.
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