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Suzhou university is radiative add quick medicaments considers to gain new headw
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"Scholar of the Yangtse River " , the ramification of Xin Qinghao element that Suzhou university hires the task that teachs Fan Saijun's leadership to be combined especially " Qing Zengsu 1 " delectable result is obtained in the experiment outside body and animal experiment, hopeful development makes the new drug that has our country own intellectual property. This is hold in Suzhou university from a few days ago " forum of the radiation protection at the beginning of 21 centuries " the 5th times the conference uploads the information that come. Our country Ministry of Public Health announced on April 20, 2006 30 city of our country and 78 counties are urban and rural 2005 findings of dweller cause of death: Malignant tumor occupies first place of cause of death. Radiative cure regards the serious treatment of malignant tumor as the method, more and more get of medical bound take seriously. But, high dose ray is in exterminate cancer cell while, also can injure the normal organization all round tumor badly, even normal organization of the whole body. Additional, in terminal with move tumor is opposite of the sensitivity that put cure reducing also is the main reason that causes the failure that put cure. Accordingly, make put cure to utmost ground is restrained and can exterminate tumor cell already, conserve as far as possible to organize one of main tasks that already made the research that put cure with the cell normally again. And use radiative add quick medicaments is current on international accepted can improve remedial result effectively and the method that can reduce loss, radiative add quick the use of medicaments can make cell of tumour of ray utility preference gives exterminate. The task group that Professor Fan Saijun heads is on the foundation of structure of green Hao element ramification of element of Hao of complex new blueness " Qing Zengsu 1 " , different to 46 kinds outside body tumor cell arose to radiate apparently add quick the effect. After this drug is used in animal experiment, the tumor bulk of small rat narrows quickly, and what use dosage minimum, did not produce noxiousness to normal cell. Teach the introduction according to Fan Saijun, international radiates acceptedly add quick medicaments must have two big features, use alone namely won't kill and wound cell and have to tumor cell only send quick action, "Qing Zengsu 1 " accord with these two features completely, and its use dosage to go up under international far already some is radiative add quick the place of medicaments requires dose, can develop its the radiative Zeng Minxin that has our country own intellectual property medicine, have benefit of very principal research port, society and commercial value consequently.

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