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Be far from inferior 10 healthy proposals
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"Self-conscious accurate, the examination does not have disease " , a kind of condition between interpose Yu Jiankang and disease, namely both neither is completely healthy, the diagnostic standard of short of disease, call " inferior healthy " , say again for the 3rd condition, the condition before also calling gray condition, disease, inferior clinical period, clinical early days, go disease period. According to World Health Organization a global findings makes clear, the person with truly healthy whole world is occupied only 5% , of sicken also occupy only 20% , and the person of 75% is in inferior health. Inferior health is a kind of dynamic process, it won't stay in internal state forever, perhaps change to disease state, this is initiative; Perhaps change to health, this needs consciousness, need to give cost and effort namely. This tells us an all in all fact, this that is to say inferior health is reversible, through trying hard to be able to return to health. American behavior learns a Breslow to wait for adults of pair of 6928 Californias city, the intervention of 7 healthy behavior that had by a definite date 5 years studies. These 7 healthy behavior include: 1, sleep every night 7-8 hour; 2, do not forget to eat breakfast everyday; 3, outside a day of 3 eat not snack; 4, control weight, maintain whack; 5, moderate campaign; 6, do not smoke; 7, right amount drink. As a result discovery can accomplish 6-7 person, compare the person that accomplish 3 only or be less than 3, mean life lengthens 11 years. The author combines our country national condition, put forward " walk out of inferior healthy, maintain healthy level " 10 proposals, in order to offer reader reference. Sleep everyday 7-8Hour Healthy physique comes from Morpheus, do not have health without enough sleep. Scientist observation tells us: In the evening 10 Shi Zhiling morning 2 when, it is human body a day in, material synthesizes the most exuberant, optimal period of time that discloses exhaustion of least, human body to restore; Also be human body inside two " national defence " force, b lymphocyte and T lymphocyte grow the most exuberant time. B lymphocyte and T lymphocyte are powerful, capability of human body disease-resistant is strong, meet little fall ill, do not fall ill. It is the whole body in addition besides the cell, other each viscera cell replaces zero hour. Human body misses this one period of time, be being damaged to health is to be estimated hard. Do not forget to eat breakfast Breakfast is just as into fill. Breakfast eats again more also won't fat. Whole world of one's early years has held breakfast meeting in the United States, authority of each country nutrition undertakes study to worldwide breakfast, conclude: Eat breakfast to be helpful for promotional memory, raise study, work efficiency and healthy level. What is the breakfast that accords with nutrient requirement? Think to contain normally the following 45 kinds of alimental are healthy breakfast. Namely commissariat 100 grams (had better be food grains other than wheat and rice, coarse food grain) ; Milk 1 bottle; Egg 1 (poached eggs of decoct of avoid cooking oil, fry an egg) ; Dish is right amount; Fruit.
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