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Suitable scope is wide antiseptic efficiency is tall -- antiseptic technology be
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Although ozone is antiseptic,the technology is the new-style and antiseptic technology that nearly two years ability development rises, but its get namely inside shorter time the favour of broad pharmacy business. Compare with photographs of all sorts of traditional and antiseptic method, ozone is antiseptic have a lot of distinct advantages: Raw material cost of easy, raw material is low; Diffusible good, without blind angle, chroma distributings even; Antiseptic capability is strong; Have better environmental protection sex, nonexistent the problem that pollutes 2 times, it is accepted green antiseptic. In pharmacy process, ozone is antiseptic the face that the technology can be used at the appliance of raw material, labour, material that pack, conduit of water, craft reachs recipient, and what central air conditioning purifies a system to wait is antiseptic. Because,be these distinct advantages, so it becomes one of important and antiseptic meanses that are recommended in our country GMP. ■ use at material surface antiseptic: Applicability excel ultraviolet ray In pharmacy process, often want the implemental to raw material, labour, material that pack to wait have the face antiseptic. Traditional method is ultraviolet ray antiseptic. Use at antiseptic ultraviolet wavelengh to be in 300 accept of 200 ~ inside rice limits, the ultraviolet ray that is 254 accept rice with wavelengh is antiseptic capability is the strongest. Its are easy penetrable and clean air and clean water, the operation is convenient, antiseptic effect is better also. But, use ultraviolet ray the surface of the implemental to raw material, labour, material that pack is antiseptic, its efficiency suffers the effect of a lot of elements, may bring about thereby antiseptic not complete. If ultraviolet ray shows linear transmission, the square of its intensity and distance becomes scale ground abate, can be reflexed by different face. Ultraviolet ray is only right one a bit biology is sensitive, and weaker to the microbial antiseptic force such as mould. On plane, for the smallest intensity that applies normally when its radiate intensity 2 fine long hair cover with tiles / square centimeter when, kill gemma of withered careless bacili to need 1100 seconds, and streptococcic to haemolysis sex, need 275 seconds only. Additional, ultraviolet ray is too long to human body illuminate can bring about conjunctivitis and skin burn to wait. So, if the requirement such as the window is passed in such as,not tall circumstance uses ultraviolet ray antiseptic it is possible, but it is good to if asking tall circumstance is far,be inferior to ozonic effect. Because ozone oxidation ability is strong, antiseptic the effect is good, the alexipharmic ark that uses ozonizer make it at present applies in the pharmaceutical factory more, especially chroma is used at appliance of raw material of medicines and chemical reagents, labour and the surface of the material that pack for the ozone disinfection ark of 100ppm antiseptic, more and more be accepted by pharmaceutical factory place.
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