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Summertime fitness beware of heats up a disease
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Summer came, the people when fitness can wear feeble dress, OK and bare an arm, leg, can hold in both hands to rinse optional hold up is on the body, very satisfied really! But, exercise in burning hot environment, must not forget precaution to heat up a disease. The centre that human body temperature adjusts is leaving grave head, below its control, produce heat up and come loose heat is in dynamic balance, what can maintain temperature is normal. Live in burning hot environment and work in the summer, airframe metabolization is quickened, produce heat to increase, person experience have the aid of is quickened at skin blood-vessel dilate, blood stream, sweat gland is secreted increase, breath is accelerated etc, the watch of system of service of quantity of heat of the generation inside body, through radiation, conduct, convection and evaporate wait for means to come loose hot, it is in order to maintain temperature inside normal limits. According to research, it is OK that circulatory system end of the person organizes heat to conduct a value increasing 5-6 right now times, this is called to heat up should stimulate. Organism has this kind to should stimulate ability, assured what fall in hot environment to live. But the person's heat should stimulate ability have limit, and still have bigger individual difference, if labor or athletic time fall to grow too in hot environment, did not adopt prevent heat reasonably, medicinal powder hot measure, the heat that exceeded an individual should stimulate ability, can appear as follows the centre discharging sweat of grave head produces an obstacle, airframe cannot pass the evaporate that discharge sweat to send quantity of heat, scale of flesh cell natrium, Potassium is maladjusted; Circular blood quantity decreases, circular function obstacle is waited a moment, make the save up inside airframe overmuch quantity of heat, meet those who cause hot disease appear. Hot disease basically has the following kinds: 1, hot convulsion. The symptom is: Muscle convulsion, big perspire, exhaustion. 2, hot exhaustion. The symptom is: Exceeding weakness, much sweat, skin is wet cold, heartbeat is accelerated, have a headache, disgusting, exhaustion. 3, suffer heatstroke. The symptom is: Giddy, have a headache, flustered, thirsty, disgusting, vomiting, temperature is quick elevatory, faint, collapse or consciousness are ambiguous etc. Hot disease is very big to the harm of human body health, should notice to prevent to heat up the happening of the disease when summertime fitness, many people think to insolate to finish work or move to just can produce heatstroke in burning sun, actually environment of fuggy, damp and hot also can cause hot disease. Suggest everybody issues fitness to notice the following in hot environment: 1, assure enough sleep, make each system gets cerebrum and body loosen and rest, if did not sleep good to become aware because of some kind of reason, had better not take exercise the following day, perhaps reduce carry momentum. 2, choose cool time as far as possible paragraph have campaign with shady and cool place, indoor fitness should assure airiness. If be,move below insolation, time is not long at 30 minutes, best every other takes a rest 15 minutes to shady and cool place. 3, the choice sucks sweat dress, do not wear tight kit. In taking exercise if can go up via frequentation face conditionally, some of water is sprinkled on the body, the help comes loose hot. 4, complement ahead of schedule moisture, water fills before motion 500 milliliter left and right sides, water must fill in motion, every other complements 20 minutes 120 milliliter control weak brine. 5, the old people, pregnant woman, person that has chronic illness, have the person of cardiovascular disease especially, in high temperature time paragraph do not want the movement outdoor. 6, carry sunstroke prevention to drop in temperature medicines and chemical reagents, wait like oily essence of 10 drops, Ren Dan, wind. If produce hot disease, not alarmed, send shady and cool and ventilated part the patient immediately, proper and compensatory moisture, serious person beg to the doctor treat.

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