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Expert of heighten of cancerous incidence of a disease reminds Tianjin thyroid g
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The epidemiology count that Tianjin tumour hospital completed a few days ago shows, come to Tianjin city nearly 20 years the incidence of a disease of thyroid cancer has apparent ascendant tendency, by 0.8/10 10 thousand rise to 2.5/10 10 thousand. Zhang Lun of director of division of tumour of ministry of neck of hospital of Tianjin city tumour says, thyroid cancer is the malignant tumor with internal system highest incidence of a disease, can happen in each ages paragraph. Incidence of a disease begins to rise apparently from 20 years old, 30-40 year old reach a peak. A few foreland such as Tianjin are area of thyroid cancer tall hair. Because element has 5 sides roughly,thyroid cancer comes on: Concern with electromagnetism radiate, the harm that cheeper gets is greater; Concern with iodic intake; Concern with female hormone; Concern with familial element; Still concern with undesirable mood. Zhang Lun says, thyroid cancer does not have any apparent symptoms because of initial stage, the patient is unfavorable and inchoate discovery, even if is occurrence bump, often also be considered as other disease by accident. A lot of people from discovery bump arrives see a doctor see a doctor average disease period for 5 years - 6 years, some is as long as 30 years even, incur loss through delay optimal treatment opportunity. The expert reminds, before the common symptom of thyroid cancer has a neck, appear to be the swollen content that does not have painful sex or tubercle, sound to appear suddenly more hoarse, cervical appear intumescent lymph node and difficulty of occurrence deglutition and breath. If cervical occurrence bump or coarsen, answer to see a doctor to specialized subject hospital as early as possible. Be diagnosed early discovery, early and after the standard is treated, 10 years of survival rate of thyroid cancer patient can amount to 90% above.

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