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Nearly 4 years countrywide wholesome aid hides 170 million multivariate
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Come nearly 4 years, countrywide wholesome aid hides total investment to amount to 170 million multivariate, promoted Tibetan medical treatment effectively to defend those who lay a level to rise. The sanitation of the 4th whole nation that chairman of government of the Xizang Autonomous Region holds 12 days in Lhasa to Bapingcuo says on informal discussion of aid Tibet job, since since the country worked wholesome aid Tibet to bring into aid of speak or sing alternately formally to hide a category 2002, ministry of Public Health and city of province of 17 aid Tibet already were Tibet 7 ground city helps 115 wholesome systems build a project, aid project, equipment and RMB of capital amount to many yuan 17682. Concerned ministries and commissions arranged 342 keys sanitation to build a project for Tibet, total investment amounts to 610 million yuan, make the villages and towns of 50% above built complete municipality the business of service center of prefectural class sanitation of hospital, 50% above was finished originally with foundations change extend. Current, the sanitation of urban and rural medical treatment that is central radiate whole area with Lhasa city serves a network to be formed basically. The heart of Wang Long of undersecretary of Ministry of Public Health that attend the meeting says, as a result of special geographical environment and historical reason, tibet still belongs to the whole nation to owe develop area, the demand of the development of wholesome career and people still has not little difference, especially rare appearance stresses person with ability of manpower resource deficient, hi-tech quite. He expresses, "915 " during will continue to increase help of medical treatment technology to hide strength, the key is the education that increases person with abilities of pair of Tibetan medical treatment, advance communal sanitation to serve systematic construction, increase prevention and cure of health care, major to women and children of farming and stockbreeding areas epidemic and lash-up to deal with the aid of ability, and the inheritance that accelerates Tibetan medicine and plan of research and development.

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