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Does household suit what to vegetable grow?
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Because indoor sun irradiation time is shorter, so choice plant had better be can longer be able to bear or endure the shade of be shadedby foilage gives birth to content of view Xie Zhi or half Yin Shengzhi content is given priority to, be like bamboo of asparagus, evergreen, curvature of the spinal column, palm bamboo, tiger end orchid, balata. The person with busy job can select the plant with stronger vitality, wait like begonia of tree of abdomen of evergreen, saxifrage, Buddha, rings. Of course all sorts of functions also have plant kingdom to divide the work severally. 1. Purify airy plant: Leaf of white of bracketplant, black, right apperception of the formaldehyde of indoor remaining after decorating, chloric, benzene adds up to content to provide absorb ability more by force; The aloe, chrysanthemum pollution that can reduce the benzene inside the bedroom; Can eliminate the pollution of 3 fluorine ethylene effectively daisy, evergreen; Can absorb the harmful gas such as vulcanization hydrogen, benzene, phenol, ether Chinese rose, rose. Raise a tiger indoors the view leaf with the huge lamina such as bamboo of end orchid, curvature of the spinal column, one aspidistra spends careless plant, can absorb a variety of harmful gas of 80% above, purify air. 2. Aloe, red red-spotted stonecrop, in the evening not only can absorb carbon dioxide, give off oxygen, the anion chroma that still can make indoor air medium increases. 3. Balmy plant: Floral scent has the part that fight bacterium, the bacterium in OK and cleared air and virus, have sanitarian function, have the power of antiseptic curb bacterium like odour of cactus, asparagus, evergreen cane, begonia, in the meantime, floral scent still can adjust of the person neurological, if lilac, jasmine can make the person is loosened, be helpful for Morpheus; Rose, violet can make person mind happy, have the desire that work energetically works; Cordate telosma, bright and beautiful the odour such as grass of midge of purple perilla, drive has drive midge to remove fly effect. But fragrance cannot too thick, can cause side effect otherwise, if lilac is long,hear can cause be worried asthma, influence memory; Cordate telosma is nightly eduction waste gas makes patient of hypertensive, heart disease feels depressed; Tulip contains toxin alkaline, contact two hours above continuously the meeting is dazed; Sensitive plant has be ashamed alkaline, often contact cause hair to fall off. 4. The plant of stereo afforest bedroom: All round house is in the home the Panyuan plant such as grow boston ivy, grape, morning glory, wistaria, rose, let them arrange a wall or arrange frame climb add, form the mat-awning of a green, can reduce sunshine radiate effectively, drop indoor temperature greatly. 5. When growing next exemple vegetables, want to notice: Oleander entire individual plant is poisonous, contain a variety of strong heart glucoside, toxic hind can disgusting vomiting, diarrhoea, but deadly; Daffodil bulb is poisonous, contain stone garlic alkaline etc, toxic hind meeting vomiting, bellyacke; Poinsettia juice of its white float is poisonous, the skin can be caused after human body is contacted red, vomiting of the meeting after be being fed by accident, bellyacke; Evergreen is embedded oxalic acid and lucid asparagus poison, if be fed by accident,can send mucous membrane of bowel of oral cavity, guttural, esophagus, stomach to wait burnable, damage vocal cords even.

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